Which Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character Are You?

This is a fun site, take the test ... I am Gandalf from the world of Lord of the Ring .. and you are?
(click on the image to go to the test site; registering not required, and it takes less than 2 minutes to complete)

Which Fantasy/Sci-Fi Character are you?
Gandalf: A wandering spirit caring for a multitude of just concerns, you are an instrumental power in many of the causes around you.

"And so am I, very dangerous: more dangerous than anything you will ever meet, unless you are brought alive before the seat of the Dark Lord."

Gandalf is a character from the Middle-Earth universe. The OneRing.net has a description of him.

another point of view ...

Anonymous SQ

Captain Kirk here. - SQ

Blogger Peri

Hey that was neat, I'm Princess Leia
A strong-willed herald of causes against injustice, you passionately strive to right the wrongs around you.

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