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Anonymous Anonymous

Good luck with your blog. I'll visit again.

- John Doe

Anonymous Jeff Arden

Thanks for the information on the managers vs leaders. I'm taking that to my manager and asking for a promotion tomorrow!

- Jeff Arden

Anonymous expat canuck in europe

ok I'll identify myself fyeo.
I once shaved my head and then dyed my chestnut brown hair platinum blonde when it grew in. My boyfriend disowned me, my boss flipped, and my daughter threatened to have me institutionalized(again).
I loved it and felt so empowered, didn't do the blue though, but hey,sometimes one step is enough.
Used your managers vs leaders list(hope this was ok-used yr name on title) in my university course for engineers and got lots of feedback- unfortunately there are few leaders in the group. It gets very tiring trying to inspire these people.But I try. My greatest professional wish is that some student somewhere down the line will really use his/her brain to do something that really matters!
Do you know or Love these sites.
Anyway, I'm an expat canadian living in Europe and loving it. I write a lot of prose/poetry ,do pottery with porcelain,surf the web and am not quite sure how I found your site but am very happy I did. Keep up the great work.

Blogger ...:::kat:::...

hey, thanks for the link to me. that's pretty cool, i just clicked next-blog and came across yours. it's a small world eh?

as for the short platinum-blue hair, i probably would have.

Blogger The Eyes

hey Nam, I'll have to check out the book you mentioned on my site. Thanks. BTW, send some pics to my project if you get a chance.

Blogger SSC

You are a very interesting person. I enjoy reading your postings! Thank you!

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