Wal-Mart Buys Way Out of Criminal Charges

NEW YORK (CNN/Money) - Wal-Mart will escape criminal sanctions and pay $11 million to settle claims stemming from a federal investigation of illegal workers hired by the company's cleaning contractors, the company said Friday.

The agreement came after the government concluded its more than four-year criminal investigation and said it would not pursue charges against Wal-Mart or any Wal-Mart associates, the world's largest retailer said.
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Wal-Mart escapes criminal charges, but agrees to pay $11M in fines for its civil immigration cases ... that's only 20 minutes for one of the largest companies to recover this lost profit. The $11M ends a federal probe into the company's use of illegal immigrants to clean floors at stores in 21 states.

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Anonymous Anonymous

I love Wal-Mart

Anonymous Anonymous

Walmart is the the evil empire.

Anonymous Brian Lohbecker

I love Wal-Mart's "No Hassle" return policy. I've returned everything from bread (yes, I took two slices out of the bag) to camping gear after a weekend of use (I told the return clerk it didn't keep the wind out).

- BL

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