Keep It On or Take It Off?

A T-Shirt for All OccasionT-shirt shoppers can be fickle. Fashion statement of a seaside beach town (having lived in liberal, surfin' Santa Cruz) is often limited to the wardrobe consisting of T-shirts and bermuda shorts. Diagnosed with "T-Shirt Shopping Anxiety" a few years ago, the recent discovery of BustedTees has cured my condition.

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For the record: I neither work for nor know anyone at BustedTees.

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Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

I actually LOL at the miner one...just don't end up like our dear Ms. Britney "White Trash" Spears-Federline, wearing a different themed t-shirt every day to tell us how you feel. Like, "I'm a Virgin (but this is an old t-shirt)" and clever stuff like that.

Blogger Love Hurts

I love these type of t-shirts. Have you visited, funny t-shirts but very close to the mark!

Anonymous Vince

Those are some funny T-shirts. I like the Mexican Basketball Association. - Vince


I've seen guys wearing some of these t-shirts, now I know where to get them. I like the "ME SO HORNY" one. - TAD BALKMAN

Anonymous Harry Bellard

I generally don't wear t-shirts because most of them are just an advertisement for some company. But I do have a few t-shirts ("Don't Save the Whales" and "What War?") that have political messages. - Harry Bellard

Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: too late, i've already ordered a few ("big mistake" & "mexican basketball association") as upcoming birthday gifts :-) you look like you have some fun tshirts from the 90's - revival 80's messages are always fun to have on!

love hurts: OMG! the site is the bomb! i love it!!!! the one i love the best are the "baby hell" shirts. i've ordered a couple for friends' children. both the parents and the kicks will have fun with them.

i have a couple of scandelous shirts (one has the trix rabbit with a slogan: "who's looking for some trix?"

vince: ok, i have to admit: you picked the tshirt that got me looking at the site. i was just surfing around, and came to that site. the shirt caught my attention, so i decided to have a longer visit.

tad balkman: this was the second shirt that caught my attention. it was just so blatantly messaged that i couldn't help but laughed.

harry bellard: i agree with you. i hate the bold advertising of most logoed clothing. i tend to wear stuff with very discrete logos. however, i absolutely love tshirts with slogans. the one that i'm loving right now: "porn star (i'm not one, but i date one)" it's fun to wear that one to the clubs.

Blogger frankysbride

thanks for the t-shirt site- They're fab.
My local favorite t-shirt company, 88 Tees, (originally signifying the web acronym for love and kisses-- 88) has recently been blacklisted from many schools in the wake of Neo-Nazis and their fascination with 88 as the representation of the first letters in Heil Hitler..ecch... reminds me of Lithuanian skater Natas being blacklisted in the 80s because his first name spelled backwards was Satan... Anyway, if I had to choose one Busted Tee, it would *definitely* be Prose Before Hos. Shakespeare is Da Man.

Blogger Nam LaMore

frankysbride: i was so LOL when i discovered that t-shirt site. i'm not really a bit t-shirt fan (most have too much advert for my taste), but i do have a few fun ones that i will wear to the clubs. those are just to turn heads, as the messages on them are so not me. the one i tend to wear the most is: "PORN STAR (I'm not one, but I date one)"

my highschool was very conservative, and anything that vaguely reeked of gang was on the banned list. as you can imagine, they were trying to get us to wear school uniforms, but the parents protested. still, my highschool wardrobe was pityful - the funnest thing in there was a white izod polo shirt.

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