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Sex Worker Film & Art FestI was on the phone with my friend "Annie" just to tell her about the recent blog entry that included a snippet of her life. After we caught up regarding our weekend antics, she asked about my week's activities and if I could make time to volunteer for various events during the Sex Worker Film & Art Fest.

I was intrigued. Where had time gone that they were already on the fourth annual shindig? After we talked about her involvement at the skinfest, she said they needed a few more volunteers to help out at the various events. They have enough "workers," just a bit short on volunteers. I told her that I would show up for a poetry reading night or gallery opening, and would consider volunteering; I try to support Annie's endeavors.

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Anonymous Anonymous

I wish I was in San Francisco.This sounds like a fun event. Don't think it would go over well here (Denver, CO).

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Hm, never been to a sex worker film festival, but I have been to a drag queen festival - Wigstock - in NYC many times...and had backstage passes! My husband got hit on by a 7 foot tall blonde - the most gorgeous thing I'd ever seen!

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

wow, whats this sex worker thang?

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Oh I got it. So naive of me, hehe. I can be at times!

Dutchman said the prettiest escort/s he has ever seen were Venezuelan babes. He travels frequently to the Carribean for work (he is into offshore banking and trust) and one time while he was having dinner at the hotel with some colleagues, they saw a really hardcore mafia looking guy (like al pacino style) with a tall sexy and stunning brunette. His colleague said they were guests from Venezuela and the girl is an escort. Anyway, when the al pacino look alike and the Venezuelan babe stood up after they paid the bill.... they saw how tall she was, al pacino look alike was only up to her shoulder! Whew!

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: well, maybe you should petition the local city council to host such an event! do come back and tell me of your success!

truejerseygirl: well, think of it as going to madonna's back-to-back-to-back concerts! a few months ago, 80's pop drag boy george had this to say about the material girl: "If Madonna were a drag queen, she would be called Ruth Less. I don't think the word 'warm' comes to mind with Madonna. Ice is the word that springs to mind."

make-up-perfect drag queens can be very intimidating when they are that tall! i'm sure you were there to remind hubby that it's an illusion :-)

the dutched pinay: it would be hard for me, or most people, to believe that someone living in der nederlands doesn't know what a sex worker is! you must take a stroll through the redlight district one evening. it will certainly open your eyes!

i've heard the same as well, that venezuelan models are so exotic and beautiful. i suppose they get their legs and looks from the old country (spain). i've worked with several venezuelan women before, and, i hate to objectify them (because they were truly marketing geniuses), they were very beautiful. the best part: they possessed both old- and new-world cultures. it was enjoyable working with them.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Nah, I didn't understand your entry at first, haha.

I have seen them all, the red light district in Amsterdam, even the ones in Thailand, and even interviewed a Lady Boy. Heck I have even seen a fake vagina! It looked REAL. This would be an interesting entry to blog about, my experiences in Thailand.

Blogger Nam LaMore

oh my! that would be rather scandalous if you started to write about this sort of stuff on your blog! do publish! it will be the talk of the pinay visitors!

Blogger DanTheresa

hmmm...i'm intrigued! i've never been to a sex worker fest. i've seen drag queens in comedy clubs and parades here in san diego. will that count?

Blogger Nam LaMore

dantheresa: i dare to say that sex workers are a harder working group than drag queens! though it's bad form to lump all of these alternative professionals together, sometimes it's best to tick the "other" checkbox, than to go unaccounted! so yes, that counts!

Anonymous Anonymous

Funny, I read it hear first. And now AP is reporting on "Whore College"

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: yes, i saw that news. i'm actually kinda glad they covered it -- event though it might be considered 'light' news, i do think there are many important issues relating to prostitution (re: right to one's own body, healthcare, etc) that is just not talked about.

in a lot of ways, i think the US lags behind many countries regarding sex politics.

Anonymous Anonymous

I could have taught "Whore College"

Blogger Nam LaMore

I'm sure they're always looking for teachers and tutors. Maybe you should sign up for next year's event!

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