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I'm off to the Sixth Annual How Weird Street Faire in a few minutes. The entertainment line-ups at the multiple stages look really good: Entrance Live Stage, Trance Temple, Sound of Mind, Breaks Stage, Lowpro Lounge and House Oasis. [click on image to enlarge]
How Weird Street Faire 2005San Francisco's SOMA (South Of Market Avenue) district becomes oh-so-weird with this project of World Peace Through Technology.

The How Weird Street Fair brings together an eclectic diversity of musical styles. Most of it is "electronic music" (produced with technology). It doesn't matter what language you speak, or your political beliefs, or your religion, or your nationality or race. Everyone can appreciate and dance to music. Everyone speaks music.

Environmental non-profits focus on our need for peace with the earth. Street performances and artists entertain throughout the Faire. The How Weird Street Faire is an assortment of collectives and individuals collaborating together at the intersection of technology, sound and art, uniting in a vision of peace.
This is my second time to this faire, and it should be just as fun this year as last year. The fire tossing and juggling pyro-dancers last year were amazing. I hope they show up this year. I am expected to meet up with friends; I hope I can find them while wandering through the crowd-pleasing costumed and festive-attired party-goers.

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Anonymous Jake Richards

Sounds like a really fun party. I wish we did more of that out here (Houston). But I don't think we'll have any such celebration in Bush Country! Jake Richards

Blogger Love Hurts

Wow, sounds really great. Hope you had a great time!

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Ooh, that sounds like fun! Did you take any pics?

Blogger Nam LaMore

jake richards: it was! it was! but i do have to say that i'm paying for it today. it's very difficult to focus on all the things i need to do today.

love hurts: i had an absolutely great time. i ran into some people i knew, but didn't bump into the people i had planned on meeting up with. forgetful me, i didn't have my cell phone and so couldn't contact them. a negative point for technology: i've grown far to dependent on my cell phone, i don't remember any phone numbers at all. that was different ten years ago, when i was able to rattle off or mock dial dozens of phone numbers.

truejerseygirl: i broke my digital camera some time last year, and was hoping that santa would bring a new one come christmas. i guess i didn't make it clear to my family that i didn't need, yet again, something practical like a designer blender or toaster. i don't re-gift or return their gifts - i've learned that they come over often enough to make uses of them!

so, i don't have any pictures to share. however, my friends have promised to publish/share their pictures online. i'll have to repost a few here when they're available.

Anonymous Anonymous

Just blog hopping. I was at this street party too, and had fun. The weather couldn't have been any better.

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: glad you enjoyed the blog! come back and reveal yourself when you're ready, i won't bite (even if you ask me to!).

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