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4th Annual Pagan FestivalI was out for a walk when a friend called to meet him in wacky Berkeley for a cup of coffee. I agreed as it had been a few months since I visited that side of the bay. A couple of advice when taking public transportation in the Bay Area: avoid eye contact, no one is looking to make friends; also, fellow passengers aren't looking to debate the virtues of Bush's social security reform plan or why John Bolton won't make a good United Nations ambassador.

During coffee at one of the bohemian cafes, we spotted a poster: Pagan Festival. We found our activity for the rest of the afternoon. We had fun walking around, and decided to go to the The Flame Within Trance Dance after party. These pagans really know how to party! I'm paying for the near all-night fun, and should probably go back to bed for the rest of the day.
Pagan Festival: Stonehedge and Easter IslandWith this event, we bring together brothers and sisters of ALL indigenous, Earth-based, and nature centered polytheistic beliefs in pride and celebration, as well as those who support arts, music, ceremony, theater and dance within the Interfaith Pagan Community. In doing so, we unite in our message to the world that we must live together in love and tolerance, as opposed to fear and misunderstanding, as voices in the great choir of Spirit.
Some facts I learned at the festival:
There was much disappointment from the crowd when it was announced that Pope Benedict XVI had to cancel his appearance (something about preparing for Holy Communion and Mass the next day); Pope John Paul II would not have missed this festival, as one of his goals was to increase the interfaith dialogue. Regardless I had a fun time, and learned much about pagans and wiccans, and misconceptions surrounding them. However, brooms are still for sweeping dusts and cobwebs.

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Anonymous Anonymous

The afterparty sounds like fun -- and it wasn't even a full moon! Did you pick up any love potions?

Anonymous Cindy

Interesting. I had known about Halloween as a pagan holiday, but not groundhog day! Also full of useless information when I visit this blog! - Cindy

Blogger Jaded Maniac

This public transportation advice, was it on the BART? Because yeah, I'd have to agree with your advice...ha ha ha...

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: apparently, that's a myth that you need a full moon to have fun. a full moon is only need to cast some of your more potent spells. i don't need any love potions. i'm all set!

cindy: i know, lots of useless info here, but hope you chuckled anyway. come visit again!

Blogger Nam LaMore

jadedmaniac: yes, that was BART. i can't figure out why people are so unfriendly on BART. i mean, when i took the tube in london, people were actually friendly there -- they talk about politics (mostly) and the royal family.

Blogger Jaded Maniac

I wish I were more aware of community events there. They sound like fun. But I'm not in that area. I guess I'll just have to experience them vicariously through you!!

Blogger Nam LaMore

heck, i'm clueless in what to do until i stumble onto an event. usual this happens while i'm having my morning coffee! actually, coffee is good at all hours, don't let the caffeine stop you from enjoying it!

what activities do you like? i'll find some listserv so you can sign up for updates!

Blogger sojourning crow

hey check this out:

Also, you s/d that there were 8 holidays. These are called Sabbats. Wicca is different than paganism or witchcraft as you mentioned and the culture is incredible diverse. There is a great sense of community which is what I enjoy about it, among other things. Thank you for posting this and bringing respect and understanding rather than the usual opposite.

Blogger Nam LaMore

sojourning crow: thank you for the clarification .. i was so buzzed from the festivities that i couldn't recall everything i had heard/read that day!

i'm checking the site now.

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