I Am a Vampire Slayer

My secrets are no more, observant blogger diadima has found me out:

I am a vampire slayer

This explains my monthly credit card transactions tracing back to Sally's Stake & Spike Shack. Also, now I don't have to explain why I look forward to the Gilroy Garlic Festival each year.

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Blogger diadima

feels good to say it out loud doesn't it, nam?

Blogger Nam LaMore

such a burden has been lifted! i think it's time to celebrate and turn over a new leaf!

Blogger mquest

I have never been to the Gilroy garlic festival. It is on my list of things to do someday.

Blogger Nam LaMore

you can get a heap of info on this year's gilroy garlic festival at their site.

garlic ice-cream - i won't have it again! and the cloths have to be aired out like the old days of going into smoke-filled bars and clubs. that, or just put the cloths in with the pot-roast!

hope you make it there one day, but be prepared for the sweltering heat and overwhelming aroma.

btw: garlic is a celtic word, not italian as one would expect. gar = spear. time to go roast some spearleek to keep the vampires off my back.

Blogger mquest

I have driven through Gilroy a few hundred times. My Grandparents when still alive lived near Shasta Mountain and twice a year we would travel up that general direction. We would always take detours and visit other places along the way.

I understand somewhere at the top of California they have a horseradish festival. Apperantly they have a contest where you can lock yourself in a phone booth and grate horseradish. They person that stays the longest wins. I would love to watch that,

Blogger Nam LaMore

i thought an eggplant festival was odd .. at least it's luminous plumpness makes it a beautiful subject to photograph.

but a festival dedicated to horseradish? i'm usually not judgemental, but that's just bizarre! i can see it now, a ms america contestant, "hi, i was princess horeradish before coming here ..."

Blogger Knottyboy

I swear I saw a vampire once in Weho. Getting money from an ATM. Swear!!!! She looked beautiful. I bet she had work done.

Blogger Nam LaMore

what .. you spotted me back then? yes, there are a few VAMPs in weho, just never sure which ones enjoy the biting and which ones enjoy being bitten!

oh, anyone who lives in the city of angels have had work done -- that's why i was banished from the kingdom, i refused to get any work done, but that was then .. i've learned my way and may venture to see a body shoppe artist in the future! just/kidding

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