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Incense coilsThis is my catch-all "prayer". I wrote this prayer in my late-teen, and is still used when I need to inspire or criticize myself for whatever.

I grew up with both Buddhism (mom) and Catholicism (dad), but, curiously, there was never any conflict or overlap. It was as if the parents got together very early on and agreed to the religious influence for the children. In general, the children were instilled with Buddhism until about the age of 10, then would start Catholic Sunday Bible Classes for a few years. I was in my late teens when I decided that I could identify with both, but did not feel the need to practice either.

I am skeptical of organized religions, but have a deep respect for those who practice them.

UPDATE: The following section is an excerpt from Asia-Pacific Walkabout:
There are five rules of moral conduct that the Buddhist lay people are expected to observe. These are sometimes translated as ‘Precepts’ or ‘commandments’. But to use the term ‘commandments’ is incorrect, since the Buddha never commanded that people should keep them. He just advised that, for our own happiness and that of others, we should observe these rules (non-priority order):
Devoted Buddhists such as monks and nuns observe these additional three Precepts as well:
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Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I am with you Nam... after years of seeking for whatever it is out there, lured to different religious clubs and what nots, studied religious history, read the bible page per page, I have come to the point where I am skeptical of any organized religion and even religion per se. But I respect others and whatever belief they have, as long as they respect me too. Often times, I get a lot of discrimination from people who are so fired up with their belief thinking that it is the ONLY way to whatever heaven they think there is. Many preach about something that they can't even walk. Such hypocrisy, so when I ever encounter them, I just push my ignore button. Can't be bothered.

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: yeah, i remember having this discussion on your blog sometime ago, and decided to publish it here.

with the way the world is right now (the modern crusade), there seems to be very low religious tolerance. part of this is the wildfire in the media: sensational headlines!

i'm ok with people who preach, but can't walk it. however, i'm not ok about people who have no respect for anyone who does not think, act, dress, behave, etc. like them. the rich diversity is what's really exciting about living in the bay area (and the netherlands, i bet)!

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

I was raised Catholic but do not practice. I don't think anyone in my family (other than my remaining great-aunts) still practice. The church lost me with views that seemed outdated for my life and my reality.

Blogger Lester T.

since adulthood, i haven't felt the need to subscribe to a certain religion. i was brought up in a Buddhist family but was still a kid and did not really understand it. i do realize that a lot of people need religion to guide them through life and that i, too, am becoming more spiritual as i age. also, i am more interested about religion, philosophy and spirituality and i find that i am more willing to listen to someone talking about their religion than before. but i still get turned off when the talk turns to including me in their church congregation.

"i never really understood religion
except it seemed like a good reason to kill
everyone has their own conception
and you know they alway will"

-the flaming lips "jesus shooting heroin"
a quote from a song explaining how i felt about the holy land during my younger years.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Oh yeah, I am also OK with people who preach and dont walk what they preach, its their life anyway.... though what I really mean is there are certain individuals who try not only to scratch your nose but also judge and thump on you the doctrine/bible/whatever they follow right on your nose. Happened to me a lot of times because I am very open minded and liberal. For example, I am not married, I have a "legal partnership" with the Dutchman. The religious fanatics condemn me that I am going to hell for living in sin, LOL. Anywho, because of their harrassment, I learned a new tactic: IGNORE =)

Anonymous Anonymous

The legalism that people develop when they get religious is frightening.

My parents: Dad & (Filippino-American stepmother who raised me since age 4) told me that it was up to me to decide what religion I wanted to practice.

I think that was pretty amazing, that they trusted me to make that choice for myself. They felt so strongly that one should not impose a religion on another human.

Sounds like your parents introduced you to religion, but never imposed it? That seems healthy.

Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: though i don't practice any form of religions, i do find my religious upbringing continues to influence my life .. and then i'm grateful that i had such teachings.

lester t: i am always eager to hear about various religious practices and the elaborate ceremonies. they can be wiccan, voodoo, shinto, hindi, etc. i find rights of passage to adulthood and creation/death/rebirth myths absolutely fascinating.

which song is the quote from? i'll have to look it up.

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: for people who are fanatics (that's my word for the types you describe), i usually know a bit about their religion to turn it back on them. for example, when confronted with hatemongering born-agains, i usually just quote for them from john 8:7 (i've memorize this, among others to use used as ammo): "he that is without sin among you, let him first cast a stone." they usually shut up and scurry away in shame.

Blogger Nam LaMore

peri: what an interesting background you have - you must write a book one day of your experiences of and exposure to growing up in an inter-racial family. and it does sound like you became aware of cultural differences at a young age.

yes, the parents were not into discipline (hence my inability to keep still) and saw us as children and not as miniature adults :-)

Anonymous Anonymous

Nam: yes a book.
I would love to write but like you say everyone has a copyright to themselves.
How do we write, and protect at the same time?

Dutched Pinay: Yeah,.... Jesus Never condemmed, he looked to the heart of people, and understood who they were..... I don't know what is wrong with people that call themselves Christians.

Blogger Nam LaMore

peri: it is a personal decision in how much information you share about yourself. tapping my corporate lawyer friends, i asked them many questions relating to privacy, copyright, etc.

as my name is already in the public domain (click on the 'search' button on top), i decided that i would use that to my advantage - but cautiously. thus, no new information is pushed into the public. the few information i share about myself is all very personal, but none of them can be used to blackmail me, clone me, or masquerade as me.

there is no set pattern to allow anyone to pretend to be me :-)

as we've discussed, i do not reveal actual names of anyone else. and no matter how sophisticated an algorithm, none of my passwords can be found openly or secretively in the blog.

i hope i've given you some answers. also, check out frankysbride blog -- is under the blog parade as 'oaths and curses' -- she's published an ebook, and perhaps have some info to share if you're interested in publishing.

Anonymous Anonymous

thank you

Blogger mquest

I prefer the mantra from a Charles Manson song: “Oh ego is a too much thing” Actually the line as song by him is “Old ego is a too much thing” It is a great mantra.

Blogger Lester T.

the song title is "jesus shooting heroin" by the flaming lips. as with a lot of song lyrics, i don't "get it" completely but the first few lines just stick in my head. they're so powerful and thought provoking.

Blogger Nam LaMore

mquest: charles manson? you are an odd duck! but, i am fond of saying, "quote the truth wherever you find it, even if snoopy said it!"

lester t: thanks, i'll have to look up that song -- and, if i were to hypothetically download music, then i would do it shortly. it's all hypothetical, anyways.

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