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Movie Poster: Da Vinci CodeWithin the last 24 hours, I left a comment on a happy-go-lucky blogger's blog only to realize that it would make a terrific blog entry. The comment had to do with word play ... sorta ... specifically, it was about anagrams of said blogger's username.

Since Dan Brown's "The Da Vinci Code" book-turned-moviescript has started to shoot, and the channelled Mr. Britney Spears said, "Ah wand-it learnt me sumethin' bout symbologigy and anagrammies!"; numerology will have to be discussed at a later date (if at all) -- talking, or thinking, about numerology on Friday 13th is asking for lightning to strike.

This is the proposed movie poster for the May 2006 release with Tom Hanks, Jean Reno and Audrey Tautou starring, and Ron Howard directing. It's bubblegum reading; even if you don't enjoy it after taking time away from blog reading, you'll at least learn a thing or two about papal conspiracy theories and pagan/goddess worship. [click image to enlarge]

Merriam-Webster Online Dictionary defines (rather poorly):
Anagrams can be eerily accurate: Elvis = Lives; Ronald Reagan = A darn long era; George W. Bush = He Grew Bogus; Impeach Clinton = Let Monica pinch; President Clinton of the USA = To copulate he finds interns; Tom Cruise = So I'm Cuter; The Hilton = Hint: Hotel; Princess Diana = Ascend in Paris = Pain as car's end = I End as car spin; Debit card = Bad Credit; and Apple Computer Inc. = Complete Up in Crap. Still doubt that the truth is within?

The anagrams for my first name ("Nam") are not all that interesting: "man" or "am N" (no, that was not me in Men in Black) or "an M" (that's M for mystery, not Susan Griffon's Malice) - as if I needed help to figure these three anagrams!

The anagrams for my last name ("LaMore") are a bit more interesting. Some choice anagrams to consider: a morel (yes, yes mushrooms are fun and tasty); morale (very telling!); real OM (I aspire to be a bodhisattva); mal roe (I knew it! I'm an alien vampire whose pod crashed on this primitive rock releasing one of many eggs that would hatch to be me, explains a lot); mal ore (a bad rock?); AM role / AM lore (get your reading here first thing!); and oar elm (I wrote a poem about an ore and an elm back in jr highschool).

The anagrams for my first + last name prove the most interesting. Some choice anagrams to consider: a norm male / a morn male (so inaccurate); a male on mr (we'll get into that later); a norm meal / a morn meal (I honestly try to follow the food pyramid); a merman, lo! (lo: an interjection used to call attention or to express wonder or surprise); a learn mom (previous or next life, perhaps); a normal me (this is debatable); a manor elm / a roman elm (I was or will be a tree in my previous or next life, would explain plenty); a mar lemon/a mar melon (a damaged produce, again explains plenty); alarm on me / omen alarm (a harbinger of what?); loner mama (again, possibilities); mana morel (the power of the elemental forces of nature embodied in an object or person); roman male / roman meal (possibilities!); realm moan (hmmm, unexpected); renal ammo (yes, I do have a critical eye); learn AM OM (time to go meditate); and man oar elm (again, I wrote a poem in jr highschool).

Go ahead, ANAGRAMIZE yourself now - if you use your real name, then you can post a few anagrams for me to try to figure out what your real name is! ... decode your name and do tell.

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Anonymous Anonymous


Guess who I am! Go on! Guess!

Blogger Jaded Maniac

After many tries, I can officially say I'm stumped! I can make a few words, but not using my entire name!

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: you got me stumped, i gota wait for diadima or love hurts to use the facilities of their computer-like minds to help me ferret you out.

jadedmaniac: well, i anagramized (not a real word! but i sure followed my rules of grammar to birth it!) your username [jadedmaniac] and i got these:
* A CA DEJA MIND (ok, i'm jealous)
* A CA JAN DID ME (ok, you got some 'plaining to do!)
* A DEN ACID JAM (possibilities!)

Blogger HowBizarre

Hi Nam! Guess what?
We are the same person...
I have a number of sites.
the MasterSub site is a part time deal.
I like your blog because it makes me think. I'm reading the book "Collapse" It makes me think along the same lines as you do...only you make it more fun!

Thanks again!!

Blogger Love Hurts

hey Nam, anonymous is 'Kallun Willock', am I clever or what?
Well mine could be
*shut lover
*hurst vole
*the sour vl

Blogger Nam LaMore

howbizzare: you and love hurts have a similiar interest in the dark arts! i'm glad you're enjoying this - i fine much amusement in life these days :-) i'm, again, stopping to smell the roses!

love hurts: oh -- are you sure? i don't see it! :-)

i understand the shut lover, but a hurst vole? perhaps that is one of your professions? i read somewhere (i read it, so it must be true!) that on the average, people have three or four professions in their lifetime. have you use them all up yet?

Blogger Love Hurts

i'm pretty sure, write his name down & cross off the letters.
Well i'm pretty sure i'm def on 3 but i'll have to think about that one.

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: i'm pretty sure i'm on someone's professions deficit now!

Blogger Kallun

Well done, Love Hurts...

Let me just say its a bloody good thing that there is a website that does it for you, because I couldn't be arsed doing it myself...

Blogger Nam LaMore

kallun: well, who do you think designed and programed that website? me neither! hope you and your dorm-mates are enjoying that anagram site. a find like that in college would have been worth months of amusement; now, i can already sense the luster is wearing off. again, the attention span of a gnatfly at work.

Blogger Loz

It's no good me posting as Anon. because you don't know my last name!
Lauren Scott =
A clone, trust
A locust tern
Neat curls to (appropriate)
A crust let on

and.... my favourites
A cornet slut (??)
A cult stoner (!!)

Blogger Nam LaMore

loz: ok, now i'm really jealous of you .. other than the fact that you're hanging out in Oz, you also have the absolute best anagram for when you're on a tv game show and need to be introduced:

HOT-LOOKING TV HOST: "... and our the final contestant is Lauren Scott .. tell us something about yourself, Lauren"
LOZ: "Well, the anagram of my name is cult stoner ... anyone got a light or a pipe?"
TV HOST: "Now Lauren, you know you can't smoke in here. Audience, the show riders just informed me that another anagram for Lauren's name is a cornet slut."
LOZ: "Well, since you brought it up, let's make like a couple of generous hippies and split this joint."

OK, now you see why i can't go into movie scripting? rating would drop faster than we're dropping bombs in Iraq (sorry, I had to get my sick, insensitive political joke in somewhere).

Blogger Love Hurts

I actually went on the website link that you had on your blog & it came up with loads so I have rounded it down to what I thought was the best!


Blogger V

Wow, there were millions there for my real name, none of them good. I didn't know they were making a movie of the da vinci code, but audrey tautou will be so good in that role.

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: i was sure that your username was an anagram of your real name! i think some fun anagrams for your username are: VOTER LUSH, LOVER'S HUT, USHER VOLT, and SOLVER HUT. although it church with Rev Oh Slut could be fun!

Blogger Nam LaMore

v: thanks for the visit! i think this is your first comment here, though you've prob been lurking until now! well, i'm sure there are lots of fun anagrams from your real name - i find this makes for fun chatter at the bars, maybe even at a job interview!

i wasn't surprised that a movie was planned. anytime there's a bestseller .. it will eventually be a movie! i used to live in los angeles, so i'm far too aware this trend.

Blogger V

Ah, yeah I've been lurking, sorry!

I hate it when films are made of books, especially when the books are British and get Americanised. I really, really, hope that doesn't happen in The Da Vinci code, cuz it's set in Europe. I always prefer the book.

Blogger Kallun

Seeing as the vast majority of the people I share a dorm with are non-English speaking Chinese, Koreans and Thai, I don't see the anagram game be as popular as maybe it could be...

Blogger Nam LaMore

v: i don't really have a pref for books or movies - but i must admit i used study aids [re: cliff notes] in jr highschool, so i prob have a bias for movies. but, books are important to me. dad was a sage and gave this advice when i was a kid: read at least an hour each day.

i have to say that 'la femme nikita' was amazing, and i was not disappointed with 'the point of no return'

what if 'harry porter' was actually 'home alone'? wouldn't that be a kicker!

Blogger Nam LaMore

kallun: i don't think you're seeing the possibilities of the game! i mean, can you imagine all your non-english speakers learning new words from your name? and how revealing about yourself with each incantation?

of course, they'll expect you to learn japanese the same way :-)

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Whee, golly, my head spins now as I try to disect my own "real" name and the hundreds of possibilities it can result!

Hehe, fun.

I bought the book you know and finished reading it in a few days. Think 2 days. In some ways, I do agree with the author's theories, but then again I am a skeptical individual.

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: you must share with us a few of your anagrams! i'm sure your real name won't be solved so easily! or, just share anagrams of your username -- which ones do you like?

Blogger Nam LaMore

one of you have an incredibly wonderful, and powerful, anagram: SHALL ALLY. you know who you are .. i'm beside myself.

Blogger Love Hurts

oops, i've been found out!!!!

Blogger DanTheresa

i went to the link you posted and it gave a lot of anagrams for my real name! sure is fun...i haven't read the book although i've heard a lot of great things about it. i think i'll just wait for the movie to come out:)

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: it's such an incredible anagram!

dantheresa: ah, you read like i do! the book is a fascinating read, but, like you, i'm looking forward to the movie as well!

Anonymous Anonymous

none of these make sense

i'm a dada rio gig


a id diorama gig

this anagram business is mad. name me nam.

Blogger Knottyboy

Only part of my nick is cleaver as an anagram. But I'll be damned if I can do anything with it.

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: well, i think you must have been a goddess of music at some point, because gig (re: concert) keeps coming up:

* I add a Maori gig
* Go dig a dim aria
* I rig a dogma aid
* I dig a dogma air
* Aid amigo, I grad (to graduate, you must help a friend - it's clear now why you've taken some time off school)
* Amigo, I aid drag
* I dig Maria, a god
* God Rag: I Aid Ami [ami=friend; you are God's reading material]

Some interesting acronyms for you - an enigma, for sure.

Blogger Nam LaMore

knottyboy: i think your whole nick is clever, no need to change a thing!

Blogger jaja

hmm... no available anagram for my real name.

tsk.. tsk...

Blogger Nam LaMore

jaja: oh, i bet it's there .. you just have to ponder on it some! i find the program just spits out some words, and it's up to me to actully decode it!

Anonymous Anonymous

here goes, that was an interesting experience.

First only:

PIER (pier one imports used to be my favorite store as a child - grandmother would buy me those little glass animals to collect)

RIPE (does that mean old?)

First& middle:
RAPE INN (ugh oh)
PANNIER (A basket or pack, usually one of a pair, that fastens to the rack of a bicycle and hangs over the side of one of the wheels)

First,middle, last:

PRALINE NEWARK ( i like praline, but Newark scared me)
LAKE PAR WINNER (I used to live on Lake Webster, MA and rake leaves, but I don’t golf)
LEARN RAPE WINK (yikes, what’s that about)
LEARN WEAR PINK ( i like to wear pink)

Blogger Nam LaMore

peri: my experience with people who live on golf courses - they don't play golf.

i find it amusing your blog's color scheme is pink, and your anagram is: LEARN WEAR PINK.

Anonymous Anonymous

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