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I normally don't partake in meme games (way too shy to put all that info), but this one from truejerseygirl could not be resisted. So here goes, and I pass this on to jadedmaniac (good luck on the job interview tomorrow!), jaja (one year blog anniversary for you!) and loz (a guy will jump out of your birthday cake tonight, act like this is the first time!). Remember, put these answers as a post on your blog, and tag someone else! You've been tagged for migratory purposes!

SIDENOTE: Performance artist Laurie Anderson put bohemian poet William S. Borroughs' meme-poem "Language is a Virus" to hypnotic effect.

Three names I go by:
1. Nimh (my childhood name, as in "The Secret of Nimh") 2. Nammie Dearest (previous manager - The Feisty Angel - nicknamed me this) 3. Namsquatch (another previous manager nicknamed me this)

Three screen names that I have had:
1. nlamore 2. nlamore 3. nlamore

Three things I like about myself:
1. I prefer the shallow end of the pool 2. I can look really disinterested when I actually am 3. I have a short attention span ... ohh, a blue car just passed by

Three things I don't like about myself:
1. I am not perfect 2. I don't allow myself to use contractions enough 3. I have a short attention span .. ohhh, a red car just passed by

Three parts of my heritage:
1. Vietnamese 2. Chinese 3. French

Three things that scare me:
1. An idiot with a gun 2. Wall of degree plaques and management certificates 3. Not being able to see my feet

Three of my everyday essentials:
1. Coffee 2. Sunlight 3. Clean running water

Three things I am wearing right now:
1. A tie (Jerry Garcia print!) 2. Calvin Klein boxer 3. Penny loafers

Three of my fave bands or musical artists:
1. Cowboy Junkies 2. Swing Out Sister 3. Ella Fitzgerald

Three of my fave songs:
1. "Que Sera Sera" by Doris Day 2. "White Rabbit" by Jefferson Airplane 3. "Downtown" by Petula Clark

Three new things I want to try in the next 12 months:
1. Play HalfLife 2, it's a videogame 2. Visit Morocco, Jordan or Turkey 3. Make a complete ass of myself at a Karaoke bar

Three things I want in a relationship:
1. Occasioanal passion 2. Daily laughs 3. Complete honesty

Two truths and a lie:
1. I am a reincarnated coffee shrub 2. I have been shot at 3. I can not tell a lie

Three physical things that attract me to the opposite sex:
1. Heavenly Hair 2. Full knockers 3. Luscious Lips

Three things I can't do without:
1. Coffee 2. Bottle of anti-bacterial, waterless cleaner 3. Pen and paper

Three of my fave hobbies:
1. Hiking around the city 2. Bar-hopping with friends 3. Tide-pooling with kids

Three places I want to go on vacation:
1. Australia 2. Africa 3. Alaska

Three things I just can't do:
1. Make a good cup of coffee (Folgers instant is the best I can do) 2. Win at a game of poker 3. Say no to a cute smile

Three kids' names: (hypothetically speaking)
1. Love 2. Nemo 3. Ulysses

Three things I want to do before I die:
1. Forgive people who have wronged me 2. Write a book (no, that's not what this blog thingy is about) 3. Make sure people who have been nice to me know that I appreciate them

Three celeb crushes:
1. Sarah Jessica Parker 2. David Duchovny 3. Jessica Rabbit

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Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Yay ~ You did it! Great answers. You are the only one who did it so far. Glad I tagged ya!

Blogger Nam LaMore

anonymous: that is not me! i actually had that screenname for years, dating back to the early 90's on AOL. i think someone saw it and liked it, and when my account expired they grabbed it - lucky bastard!

Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: well, it was rather entertaining - and didn't take long to complete at all. i found so much about myself doing that meme ... ohhh, white car just went by ...

Blogger mquest

I know a guy who goes by Nimh he claims it stands for National Institute of Mental Health.

"Downtown" by Petula Clark is a great song. lyrically it is a strong song. It is a oddity for bubble gum pop music to have such strong and good lyrics. I wish I heard that song more often.

I tried to name my son Ulysses-- I lost that battle quickly. James Joyces Ulysses is my favorite book.

Anonymous CSC

Hey Chanceplay (that's how I first met you)! I made a new entry...life has happened in abundance and has caused me to examine many aspects of myself. While reading your meme I realized that the past few weeks I've been doing a more extensive version. Thanks for checking up on me...I hope to have an active blogger once again; I've been trying to get in touch with you; I'd like to find a way to make that happen. Are you still going to your friend's bagel shop?

Blogger Nam LaMore

mquest: i forget what it stands for, but your friend might be right - i just remember in the movie, it was a laboratory for all the --- (you thought i was gonna give the movie away, didn't you?)you and mquest jr. will love watching the movie together! it's full of lessons about peace, believing in oneself, helping others, etc. or, it's just a fun animation with great voice acting.

yes, that is a very cheerful song - it gives me a 'bounce' when i need one. ironically, i've never lived 'downtown' in my life. i guess i prefer to go downtown to work, shop and play; and go 'home' elsewhere. you can hear it more often, it's not like you have to pay a buck to hear it everytime, unless you're hanging out at bars and need to pop coins into the jukebox.

you are so insane (sorry to push you over the edge) to count james joyces' free-form writing a favorite. i was thrown a loop when i realized the last sentence of said book continued on the first page! a mobius strip, perhaps.

Blogger Nam LaMore

csc: hey there! glad you haven't given up on technology - i thought you had abandoned your blog, and we hadn't chat in a long time. i'm not going to the bagel shop this week - prob will start again in a couple of weeks. things have been too hectic to sit and have a proper cup of coffee.

you can always email me - but if i don't respond in a reasonable time (say 24-48 hrs), then i might not have received it. talk with you soon - drop me an email with your cellphone.

Blogger Loz

thanks for the tag - it was kinda fun filling in my answers... I've posted and tagged as requested!
Australia's a great place to visit, good luck with the poker, and who needs to make good coffee these days?

Blogger mquest

You might be confusing two of Joyces books. Finnegans Wake and Ulysses. Ulysses is a fun but tough read about Leopold Bloom and a single day. June 16 th 1904. It is tough and modern. A challenging read. (But readable)

Finnegans Wake on the other hand is about anything and everything. It goes beyond tough to nearly imposable to read. This is the book that turns around in a cycle. The book opens with the line:

“riverrun, past Eve and Adan´s, from swerve of shore to bend of bay, bring us by a Commodius vicus of recirculation back to Howth Castle Environs.”

I have been working on both books for about 15 years. I have over a hundred literary books on the subject. Obsession? Why yes. I have made great progress with Ulysses and feel fairly comfortable with it. The Wake on the other hand has killed me at every step of the way. I would suggest thumbing through a copy next time you are at the book store. Pick it up and read any random paragraph. It will melt your mind.

If you ever meet someone who has read and understood Finnegans Wake. You can place good odds on the fact that he or she is a liar.

Blogger Nam LaMore

loz: glad you liked it! i learned a bit about myself when i did mine. your answer to 'my heritage' - you're all about the genepool!

i don't get people who drink diet coke, don't they know it's just a marketing ploy?

Blogger Nam LaMore

mquest: oh yes, you're right .. i did mix the two books up. i tackeled finnegan's wake in highschool (lofty ambition for one who was not a native speaker!). i managed to read it by graduation, but by the time i finished, i had forgotten what it was, or why i even started.

the companion book was a dictionary. i was so overwhelmed by the new words. i'll prob try to read it again later in life.

and, i've never met anyone who actually liked reading the book - they all said they read it out of curiosity, or as a class assignment. me, i was curious.

Blogger HowBizarre

Great Answers!
Petulia Clark's downtown is one of my faves! I like "Don't sleep in the subway darlin'"
Ohh, a blue car just hit a red car....

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Coffee must have run in your veins!

I am like you, I have a very short attention span... but if someone or something or whatever caughts my attention, then usually they are "interesting" than the mainstream :-)

Blogger Jaded Maniac

Ahhh! I hope I'm not too late! I just read this and I'm on my way to Jade's last softball game of the season, so I'll do it when I get back!

Blogger Nam LaMore

the dutched pinay: with a short attention span, i can find entertainment just about in any situation. but that means that boredom is just a blink away.

Blogger Nam LaMore

jadedmaniac: hey! there's always time to join in .. look forward to your answers.

and, hope little jade had fun at the softball game - is barry bond's record in danger of being shattered by jade's rising star?

Blogger Nam LaMore

JUST TO CLARIFY: I DO NOT HAVE A CRUSH ON DAVID DUCHOVNY. but, he does have an awesome blog. his name was thrown in cuz i was watching a re-run episode of the x-files. why not named GILLIAN ANDERSON? that would have been too obvious. i generally don't care for celebrities in the romantic sense .. they're just looking for fans.

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