Weekly Fish Fry at the Souk

I enjoy going to the weekly souk (outdoor market1) to stock up on fresh vegetables and housewares. It is also a very social place, as I get to practice my Arabic language and get to see those in my community that I typically don't see during the week.

My site, Khemisset, hosts the largest souk in Morocco, and the carpet section is a great place to buy Berber carpets directly from the weavers at a bargain. I usually spend time at the carpet souk to learn about symbolism, dyeing techniques, colour schemes, etc. After a year, I'm beginning to differentiate carpets from the various Berber tribes in the Khemisset Province, including those from the towns of Khemisset, Rommani, Oulmes, and Tiflet.

I am fortunate to have two weekly souks in my site, Mondays and Tuesdays; however, I prefer the Tuesday souk because I know more of the vendors there than at the Monday souk. Tourists, if any, rarely venture into my souks, not sure why as they are great places to meet people and have a remarkable cultural experience.

Weekly Souk Fish Fry
One of the vendors I make an effort to stop by is the Fish Fry Tent2. These guys know I like to get about eight to ten dirhams worth of fish fry (I think they are mackerels, but not sure) and half a wheel of bread. I sprinkle paprika and salt to taste for a wonderful weekly lunch.

Weekly Souk Fish Fry
The fish is dusted in a flour mixture (salt, spices) and then deep-fried.

AN IMPORTANT NOTE: I've yet to get sick eating at the souk. Let's hope it stays that way.

1. States-side these are known as flea markets or farmer's markets.
2. There are about six fish fry tents, but I always go to the same one -- per recommendation from the artisans I work with.

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