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Thank you to everyone for sending postcards since my arrival in Morocco -- they are nicely decorating my concrete walls. As adhesive tape is ineffectual on concrete, I've come up with the clever usage of cloth pin (relatively inexpensive) and dental floss (free from the medical office)! Dental floss is strung between door/window frames, and anywhere I can pound in nails (none to date).

As a Volunteer, I have limited disposable income; thus, I've not been able to send out as many homemade postcards as I would like to.

So, this online postcard is for peri, kallun, the tweneys, sarah+andrew, lester and mquest+jr. (left-upper) A sculpture dedicated to the King, Khemisset; (left-lower) mosaic close-up; (middle) carpet from the Middle Atlas2; (right-upper) Hassan Tower from the garden, Rabat; and (right-lower) mosaic close-up of.
Postcard from Morocco

And this one is for amerazn, jadedmaniac, scott+ian, frankysbride, the dutched pinay and love hurts. (left-upper) Jemaa el Fna mosque at sunset, Marrakesh; (right-upper) Hassan Tower looking towards the Atlantic Ocean, Rabat; (right-lower) "Allah, Country, King" in lights on the side of a mountain, Agadir; (left-lower) carpet from the Middle Atlas; and (center) mosaic close-up.
Postcard from Morocco

And this for GAK in the Bay Area, AF+DL in Silicon Valley and a friend in Oregon (you know who you are!). (top row) ceramic dishes, clay jugs, and traditional Moroccan slippers; (middle row) dyed reeds use for basket weaving, me, and arched doorway of a mosque; and (bottom row) carpets (these are mainly from the towns of Khemisset & Tiflet), mosaic close-up, and clay pots. These were all taking in or around Rabat and Sale.
Postcard from Morocco

Advance apology for forgetting anyone, but I'm going on vacation shortly and have much to do before I take off. I'll post again in early Sept when I get back to my site3.

1. Entries forthcoming.
2. Carpet weavers-sellers in my town have been teaching me about carpet patterns, symbolism, etc.
3. Due to safety & security issues, I cannot post my travel itinerary.

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Anonymous Anonymous

so sweet.

NIce to see you are back and hope you continue to feel better.
It is no fun being sick.

Blogger Dylan

What a great postcard! I've never received a postcard from Morocco before, virtual or otherwise, so this is a real treat. Glad to hear you're doing well (apart from bouts of dysentery) ... hang in there, and keep up the great work!

Blogger Nam LaMore

PERI & DYLAN: i need to save up my monthly allowance so I can send you guys real postcards!

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