It Was 1969

Earth from space This is actually two poems weaved into a third. Read the first comment to see how it was originally written.

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Blogger Nam LaMore

They held their breath,
They were on a new world,
They marveled at the vastness,
They were all alone in the dark,
They wept for Man's first steps,
The first men walked on the moon.

I took a deep breath,
I was new to this world,
I trembled in my nakedness,
I was embraced with open arms,
I cried for the joy of my first days,
I was born.

Blogger Jaded Maniac

Good one, Nam....(sniffle, tear...)

Blogger Nam LaMore

jadedmaniac: hey! thanks for reading it .. i never what kinda reception i get when i publish poetry. it's so personal to share, know what i mean? and this one is more personal than most .. as you can imagine!

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

I really like this one! Touching!

Anonymous Anonymous

Very nice......

you are not one of those

who only writes in prose


Blogger Nam LaMore

truejerseygirl: gosh, thanks! i can't really say what 'tone' i had in mind when i wrote it/them; but it seems that sentimental is the dominant emotion that's coming through. i think i was just going after factual, linear coincidental year of the event!

canadian dude: glad you liked it. i can't write prose, really .. but i can fake it really well. it looks like you might have a haiku in the making!

Blogger Nam LaMore

canadian dude: oh, i heard from an esteemed source that .. how was it put .. oh yes .. I’m [canadian dude] hung like a horse .. some of the other visitors here might be interested in more private conversation with you .. head over to his blog now (now!) for the full details.

Anonymous Anonymous

Great poem! my brother was also born in 1969 - I'll have to tell him about this poem, he'll get a kick reading it. - Steve

Blogger mquest

1969? I think we might be the same age. I always look at 1969 as the bloody end of the 60's. I think I have read to much about the 60's movements. I do enjoy telling people I was there in the 60's.

Blogger Love Hurts

fantastic, brilliant, I love it! The two poems work so well together, i'm so in awe of your talent!

Anonymous Anonymous

Those blend so well together, and the photo you chose is perfect.
It is such an awesome thing to think of man on the moon, but also an awesome thing when a new person is born to take step on earth.

It is so cool that you share your gift with us all, thanks. :)

Anonymous Anonymous

Oops...that was the lie.

Blogger Nam LaMore

mquest: i love it that i was born in the 60's -- even if it's the very end of the 60's! though i've missed the 60's movements, i was able to recreated and participated in some of the idealism as a student in santa cruz and living in the bay area!

if we are the same age, then you are far more mainstream than i am! i have yet to have children .. thought about it, but then reality sets in!

anonymous: hope he enjoys it!

Blogger Nam LaMore

love hurts: hey glad you enjoyed it! and to think i didn't put much effort into it! think what i can do if i applied myself! ah, more day-dreaming!

canadian dude: i can neither confirm nor deny your statement.

Blogger Nam LaMore

peri: thank you. i do like the blended poem; and, if you notice, unlike all other lines only the last couple of lines are combined and changed to actually unite the two separate poems.

oh, that image is just stock photo at one of the free photo sites. i think it does put into perspective how small we are in the universe. are we alone? ... the mothership won't allow me to answer that conclusively.

Anonymous Anonymous

Nam: Thanks for the compliment.. if the traffic gets too heavy.. I'll set-up a four-way stop or maybe a traffic light if it really takes off.

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Was just looking at the pic... and reminds me of the whole universe. Says in 7 billion years, the earth will explode. But then again, its far from where we are now...

Your poem is nice... though you talked about the men who first walked in the moon, you showed certain vulnerability in it.

Blogger Nam LaMore

canadian dude: you have a fun blog, just keep the pigeon away from me!

the dutched pinay: if cryogenic takes off like it's predicted .. 7 billion years is just a blink away! i do think there is some vulnerability in that exploration .. just never know what will turn up. more importantly, i think it is telling of how much more we need to learn of the world around us, and appreciate the wonders of the universe.

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