The Start of the Journey

About 18 months ago, I submitted an application to AGENCY that has finally started to show movement. This is the motivation statement that I submitted with the lengthy application ...

Nam LaMore: Motivation Statement
In spite of my academic background, I take a holistic, inter-disciplinary approach to understanding problems of social justice that affirms the role of personal experience in understanding people and societies. The main reasons I want to serve in the AGENCY are: a chance to help improve living conditions in some of the most impoverish parts of the world; the desire to rehabilitate, improve, or defend the environment; and the opportunity to promote long-lasting, cross-cultural awareness. These reasons have threaded my decisions in school and work for as long as I can remember. Attending UC Santa Cruz gave me a remarkable space to explore my spirituality and express my creativity. While at UCSC, I was in the Education Abroad Program to England and I had an incredible time, heightened by the fact that I lived in the international dorm. Since graduating from UCSC, I’ve worked for large, global corporations and participated in various corporate volunteering programs. Expressing desire and proven culturally-sensitive, I was often tapped to work with the international groups within these corporations. I envision the AGENCY experience fitting into one of my life goals: promoting diversity and understanding in my personal and professional endeavors.

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another point of view ...

Blogger sojourning crow

um...sprry for not keeping up but...the CIAgency??

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

I'd hire you!!!!

Blogger DanTheresa

nicely written...when can you start? :D

Blogger Nam LaMore

SOJOURNING CROW: you're warmer than you think .. but ironically, i was asked several times in various interviews (phone, in-person and on various forms) that working for or even applying to the CIA at any point would have been an immediate disqualification.

TRUEJERSEYGIRL & DANTHERESA: gosh, so sweet of you to say .. i only wish the whole process for AGENCY was faster (in light of post-sept 11, i can see why it's taking this long) .. if it had gone that fast, then i wouldn't have had time to learn all about blogging. i started to blog for two reasons 1. it's a replacement addiction for a video game i used to play and 2. it was sorta killing time while learning a new skill (re: web posting).

Blogger Jaded Maniac

I hope you get it! It would be so cool if you got to work for an agency that you truly believed in, which not many of us get to do. Good Luck!

Anonymous Anonymous

Very interesting.
Hope they don't put you through medical testing like me. I've been in Phil. 21 days and still going through med testing, if i make it through this week, they may hold my internship open.

Will you have to move/ relocate with your new position?

Hope it works out for you. :)

Blogger Nam LaMore

JADEDMANICA & PERI: thank you very much for your well-wishes. indeed, the countdown has begun and i shall be able to reveal more in a few weeks. this just means i will need to be in over-drive to make things happen, and quickly! lots of paperwork from here on out, and, as usual, time is the enemy!

yes, relocation is critical with this; more in a few weeks.

Blogger mquest

The KGB? I hear they are always looking for people that are willing to miss a few paychecks. I understand they are now paying in Vodka. They are charging extra for Orange Juice at the company store for the wimps that can not drink it straight.

Blogger Nam LaMore

MQUEST: that's a reasonable guess, considering c.rice is an expert in cold war poltitics. i'll take vodka for pay anyday! at least i can bargain with that, the US dollar doesn't seem to hold much value these days!

my years of training as a flack: i can neither confirm nor deny your statement.

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