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Pilot's AlphabetsThis post is for BLOG of WONDER who is perpetually challenged by airlines pricing system and LOZ's alter ego who has been known to channel Amelia Earhart in her aspiration to learn to fly -- not the same way the colorful parrot or skilled hummingbird might show off acrobatic loops, but more like Leonardo DiCaprio might have had to learn to pilot a plane for his role as Howard Hughes in the 2004 Academy Awards-winning flick "The Aviator".

Having taken a few flying lessons years ago (shy of about 15 flying hours to earn my private pilot license), I wanted to point them to aviation resource and encourage them to spread their wings and take to the air:Just a thought: perhaps LOZ can get her pilot license in time to air one of Indonesia's Lion Air's newly ordered commercial Boeing 737 airplanes. Hence, she can fly Anthony & Co to an upcoming concert. But of course they'll want to pack their own luggages to be sure marijuana is not accidentally (opposed to purposely) stowed away in their belongings during their layover in Bali.

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Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

OMG. There are so MANY entries now, I can't catch up anymore, hehe.

The Dutchman wanted to be a pilot but he was such a coward, haha. The brother of his grandfather was one of the pioneers and most celebrated KLM pilots in the early 1900's. During those times there were no air traffic controllers (a nice paid job, entry level aged 25 have a starting € 40K /US$ 50K a year here and the salary just goes up every year), so what they do is navigate on air by following the TRAIN TRACKS. Quite interesting eh.

Do you ever have plans to finish those 15 hours flying lessons so you get your license to fly?

Blogger Anthony

The "Pilot's Alphabet" constantly reminds me of the so-funny-it-should-probably-be-illegal film, Airplane, starring Leslie Nielson, a fellow Canadian.

I'll never forget the first time I doubled over in tears at the hillarity and confusion of "What's your vector, Victor..."

Blogger Jaded Maniac

What a high you must get from actually piloting...I can only imagine...I haven't seen the alphabet in years! (Which is what the military uses). Brings back fond memories of carrying an M-16.....lol...

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

I am off to ebay to pick up a plane or two!

Blogger Nam LaMore

THE DUTCHED PINAY: well, there may be lots of entries .. but the ramble on and on, and without much theme to them! so, like a sushi buffet, there's something for everyone!

the pilots navigated by train tracks? that must have been interesting in the winter! i'm gonna have to follow up and read some more about that -- i find the control tower a fascinating place (very intense/high energy). i got to visit a flight tower once as a visitor, and it was straight out of the movie 'pushing tin'.

it has been to long since my flight lessons, and so my flight log has 'expired' -- i'll probably re-learn to fly again when i'm older and need a hobby.

Blogger Nam LaMore

ANTHONYPEREIRA: i was gonna up up this post with the 'vector/victor' bit, but didn't think anyone would get it -- that it would be too cryptic of a reference to 'airplane'. i really like that movie, and wish they would play it more on long flights.

my favorite lines from the movie: "i am serious, and don't call me shirley [re: surely]" and "looks like i picked the wrong week to stop using amphetimines".

also, the opening with the duelling announcers over parking in the white zone .. that really set the tone for the movie!

Blogger Nam LaMore

JADEDMANIAC: i'm telling you .. you need to get a few posts about your military alter ego for us! it's odd that i find myself using the pilot's alphabets sometimes -- hate to say it, but i use it mostly when i'm on the phone with outsourced tech support -- and, what more, i'm very impressed that they actually know the pilot's alphabets!

Blogger Nam LaMore

TRUEJERSEYGIRL: oh, so we'll be outbidding each other? i think one of your YA-YA hats would be great doubled as a pilot cap! though the air-traffic control tower may do a double-take before giving the go to take off.

Blogger Love Hurts

wow, that takes me back a few years when I was in the Air Training Corps. We called it the 'phonetic alphabet' & even now I still know it off by heart. I still find it handy when you have to phone couriers & give postcode details, stops the confusion of thinking 's' sounds like 'f' & 'n' sounding like 'm'.

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOVE HURTS: i don't have the phonetic alphabet committed to memory, but i do have occasion to use it .. but it seems that i use it only when on the phone with outsourced tech support!

Blogger Loz

Airplane: and what about his "drinking problem" ?? too funny.

I feel all inspired to fly like an eagle now nam!

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOZ: what?!? a drinking problem and he's in college? the two don't go together, i tell you!

well, don't go jumping off the sydney bridge or opera house!

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