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Chinese TattoosThis is an "experimental post" and, so, is a bit different from previous posts -- have a quick read of the entire nonsense rambling below before going to the COMMENT for the decoded entry.

... The experimental blog entry starts here ...
Not too much it has there very long time, my maintenances in line with bloggers AMERAZN and KALLUN states me to think few more, why I favour the translation services of BabelFish of Alta Vista; Google has it must the version possess, perhaps a permitted technology... I do not have the interest to look at it upward. And like that... as reliably is the translation service of BabelFish?

Over this outside to examine I translated these blocks text of English-French at the GERMAN and in conclusion again at the ENGLISHMAN. These blocks text are not, but present on BabelFish very complex to count, over for same affair group or to translate personally, report. I bet that the poetries more bousillées than this simple text; wouldn't it be marvelous, in order to be able to read the odyssey of Homer in its source language? Thank the Shakespeare quality had the foresight to write in English even if it is old English. Perhaps is it, as Engrish came to be in - imperfect translation, which is to due to the lack of semantics and of cultural connection by an algorithm or a loudspeaker of foreign origin English (like me).

It is possible the technology improves, because the work place becomes more different; however it will always need translators and human interpreters there. Not, which is it a protection, but it is probably useful, in order to learn the alphabet stake/phon TIC of the pair of the back doors.

Thus to take which the point of a non reliable translation button ' ' a web page overcrowded by service the main real estates on? Pit... I wanted to be noticed just as internationally sensitively... this fact left my action in so much qu ' idealistic.

In addition entréede truejerseygirl's have, which concerns the taetowierungen, which are to Chinese writing, partially this entrance led (you ensure you that your taetowierung does not translate the "cattle and the Brokkoli").

... the experimental blog entry ends here ...
(now click here and it will all make sense)

This post is dedicated to all the bi-, tri- and poly-linguists who are part of my sidebar's blog parade ... THE DUTCHED PINAY, JAJA, JADEDMANIAC, DIADIMA, STARGAZER, YUDEOLOGY, DANTHERESA, LESTER T, AMERAZN, KALLUN ... anyone else I missed in this round-up?

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Blogger Nam LaMore

This is an "experimental post" and, so, is a bit different from previous posts -- have a quick read of the entire nonsense rambling below before going to the COMMENT for the decoded entry.

The experiment starts here ...
Not too long ago, my online conversations with bloggers AMERAZN and KALLUN lead me to think a bit more about why I promote Alta Vista's BabelFish translation services; Google has it's own version, perhaps a licensed technology ... I haven't the interest to look it up. And so ... how reliable is BabelFish's translation service?

To test this out, I translated these blocks of text from ENGLISH to FRENCH to GERMAN and, finally, back to ENGLISH. These blocks of text are not very complex, but imagine relying on BabelFish to translate for business-related, or even personal, communication. I bet poems are more botched than this simple text; wouldn't it be wonderful to be able to read Homer's The Odyssey in its original language? Thank goodness Shakespeare had the foresight to write in English, even if it's Old English. Perhaps this is how Engrish came into being - imperfect translation due to lack of semantics and cultural context by an algorithm or a non-native English language speaker (like myself).

It's likely the technology will improve as the workplace becomes more diverse; however, there will always be a need for human translators and interpreters. Not that it's a backup, but it's probably useful to learn the pilot/phonetic alphabet from a couple of entries back.

So, what's the point of having a non-reliable service 'translation' button taking up prime real estate on a cluttered Web page? Well ... I just wanted to be perceived as internationally sensitive ... it's part of my act as an Idealist.

Also, TRUEJERSEYGIRL's entry regarding tattoos that are in Chinese characters partially inspired this entry (make sure your tattoo doesn't translate to "beef and broccoli").

... the experiment ends here ...

This post is dedicated to all the bi-, tri- and poly-linguists who are part of my sidebar's blog parade ... THE DUTCHED PINAY, JAJA, JADEDMANIAC, DIADIMA, STARGAZER, DANTHERESA, LESTER T, AMERAZN, KALLUN ... anyone else I missed in this round-up?

Blogger mquest

BablelFish is cool because the name/concept comes from a Douglas Adams book. I read somewhere that someone was taking all the UN translations and adding them into the computer formula that is used for translations. It is assumed that the Human created texts at the UN will be highly accurate and help the computers "learn”.

If we think computers are bad at translating take a look at all the bad translations of clasic literature over the years. . . . .

Very interesting Idea for a post.

Blogger Canadian Dude

ein anderer interessanter Pfosten...LOL


Blogger Anthony

I've actually tried doing the same thing on bablefish. If you translate it into a couple of the asian languages too it will become completely unreadable in the final "english" form. Another interesting experiment might be to have the final translation to english be done by a skilled person.

Blogger Nam LaMore

MQUEST: having both read and seen dougla adams' "hitchhiker's guide to the galaxy" i figured as much that the name of the service came from the book, and, thus, has a biblical connection to the tower of babel.

there are bad translation of classic literature? can you point me to some? :-)

this was one MOFO of a post -- not to compare myself to avant-guard "artist" yoko ono, but it did take some guts to post this. i figure people are gonna think that i'm just learning english (which, inadvertly, i am).

Blogger Nam LaMore

CANADIAN DUDE: you clever devil! if i hadn't recognized a couple of the words from my FRENCH-to-GERMAN translation, i would never have figured out you were using a german phrase! thanks for keeping me on my toes, even if it is a friday night! now to get my disco nap in so i can go out later tonight!

Blogger Nam LaMore

ANTHONYPEREIRA: in my original plan (yes, i actually had to plan this out!), i did have JAPANESE between FRENCH and GERMAN, but found out quickly that the link would have been utterly broken. so i had to nipe that in the bud .. KALLUN will be oh-so-very disappointed at the exclusion of JAPANESE, and JADEDMANIAC and AMERAZN, for KOREAN.

great idea! tell you what ... you line up the skilled translators who are willing to do gibberish translation for free and we can get that experiment going!

as a good catholic altar boy, i can count on you to translate the LATIN link of the experiment, non?

Blogger Anthony

My latin is a bit... uh, rusty, but I'm sure I could make some un-educated guesses.

Blogger diadima

your greek is better, right tony?


i love dedication posts. luurve them.

Blogger AmerAzn

All I have to say it MAUH!

Blogger Jaded Maniac

ha ha ha....LOVED IT!!!! At first I didn't get it (Yeah, sometimes I'm not all there), but when I realized what the heck was going on, it was great! Cuz I was thinking to myself when I read the main page 'Hmm, maybe he should give us examples of what happens when a machine does the translating'..ha ha ha...the joke was on me!! It was a good one!

Blogger Nam LaMore

ANTHONYPEREIRA oh, very orthodox, i see. oh, and try ordering in greek at the mcdonald's walk-thru the next time, you'll probably get whatever you want.

DIADIMA: well, it's true that you should be mentioned in this post .. from what i remember you speak four languages - what are you, a UN love-child?

Blogger Nam LaMore

AMERAZN: how can i have a blog entry about translation and not include you?!? i'm pretty sure that's how we came to be best blog buddies (talk about answering in alliteration)?

JADEDMANIAC: GOTCHA! it really is funny when you think about how absurd the translation service is! but i do love this line: cultural connection by an algorithm or a loudspeaker of foreign origin English (like me).

however, this line couldn't be any better: wouldn't it be marvelous, in order to be able to read the odyssey of Homer in its source language?

Blogger DanTheresa

hi nam! the first few paragraphs got me so confused and then i realized what i was reading! i haven't tried the service but you got me interested..maybe i'll try it sometime. thanks for the dedication! maraming salamat...:D

Blogger Nam LaMore

DANTHERESA: yes, gosh, maybe my writing is that bad! i tell you, that really opened up my eyes about the translation service. i was so niave to think babelfish would really make my blog more accessible! not so! but, it was sorta a fun blog entry to do :-)

Blogger Anthony

To be honest the only language other than english I'm any good at is Cereal Box French. Otherwise I'd never know Corn Flakes is a "source de 7 éléments nutritifs essentiels"

Blogger Loz

thank god I read this post before using one of those translation sites in designing my next tattoo!

Blogger Peri

That was very interesting, and clever. :)

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Wow, that is something. Who would think it would be THAT much jibberish? Very interesting!

I am bi-lingual too - on my blog I mostly speak english, but in person you probably wouldn't even understand me because I speak Jersey.

Blogger Nam LaMore

ANTHONYPEREIRA: you read the back of cereal boxes as well? the games on the back of said boxes are so boring these days, compared to the mazes, quizes, etc of said boxes of my yesteryears. these days, the kids have to keep an eye out for 'america's most wanted' or 'have you seen this child' while they're enjoying their bowl of chocolate frosted sugar bombs.

LOZ: it would be too funny to have a mis-translated tattoo! i've never heard of anyone having a mis-translated tattoo, but i helped a friend once with his resume -- and, well, it did sound like this before we got it fixed: cultural connection by an algorithm or a loudspeaker of foreign origin English (like me).

Blogger Nam LaMore

PERI: i should have warned you not to read that entire passage - it was such a mess. the first time i made the use of the comment box was actually with the '1969' poem. and this will, likely, be the last time i make use of the comment box like this!

TRUEJERSEYGIRL: well, i can't say i'm gonna use that translation service for anything more than a word or phrase! oh, i hear speaking in 'jersey' is like pig latin - only you can get away with 'jersey' during IRS audit interviews.

Blogger yudeology

well, machines are just machines. humans does make the difference sometimes, for better or for worse. i was all confused at first till i hit the last link. *LOL* it's a great post! cleverly done! i love it! and thanks for the dedication!

Blogger diadima

UN lovechild indeed...

"mostly talk since 1983" that's my motto

Blogger Nam LaMore

YUDEOLOGY: glad you enjoyed it .. it certainly was an experiment that seems to have people thinking that ought to re-enroll in english as a second language class!

do let me know if my posts ever start to look like such jibberish!

Blogger Nam LaMore

DIADIMA: oh, just to clarify:

UN=united nations .. didn't want you to think i meant the prefex un- (as in 'not').

oh, i'm sure you're more than a talker .. i can tell from your flair that you're full of action, with a hike or two .. moving to toronto couldn't have been easy, and paving the way to re-enter school is a challenge beyond my scope.

Blogger HowBizarre

This is such a cool post! I used to use Bablefish a lot when I lived in living in the US I just roll my eyes a lot!

I thought that when you wrote your post you had been drinking...or maybe taking too much allergy medication...thanks for the translation...oh and just in case you didn't notice...favour...with a "U". Nam, I'm so surprised...I guess Bablefish does translate into 'real' know the English that Canadians and the Bristish

Blogger Nam LaMore

HOWBIZARRE: looks like you got snagged on the joke as well :-)

since i mentioned zoloft, prozac, paxil and buspa in my last post, i can see why you might have thought that i was under the influence when i wrote this!

having lived in england, some habits are still internalized .. i still use -our in my spelling (colour, honour, etc).

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Hey Nam, try translating this:

"Je hebt een leuke webpagina!"

Anywho, this post made me ponder... what kind of English I use?

What languages do you speak?

Blogger Nam LaMore

THE DUTCHED PINAY: hmm, the translation with babelfish is missing something ("you have leuke web page!") .. but i understand what you're saying, thanks!

i can get away with a couple of languages, namely french and vietnamese .. and english continues to be the bane of my lingual existence.

Blogger jaja

babelfish does not have any English~Malay translation.. iskk iskk..

Blogger Kallun

OK, so I read the entry, and you may already be well aware of this, and someone may have pointed it out to you, or I may have missed the subtle intelligent intrinsic comedic value of the post, for which I apologise in advance, but did you know that the picture with the Chinese writing that you use is actually back-to-front?

Blogger Nam LaMore

JAJA: yes, i saw that -- perhaps they need your help! have you written to them? i think you should; just a quick note to help them get their priorities.

KALLUN: i'm sorry that you actually read the entry - it was rather laborious to read. yeah, i was thinking of flippin' and rotatin' the chinese characters just to create that much more mischief (masking the english words) .. but it's enough mischief without.

welcome back, you've been missed. sorta.

Anonymous soursmith

Blogger Lester T.

aaah! i see the pertinence of your language question now. somehow i missed this post although i saw a couple of references to it. anyway, when i first saw your blog, i immediately translated it to japanese. although i can't read japanese 100% (i'm 3rd generation japanese-canadian), i got a good laugh out of it and thought better of including babelfish's translation service on my blog. google's service is much the same: good for most words but really crappy for sentences let alone entire blog entries! i really want to learn french (i took french up to grade 11) & spanish but...

and thanks so much for the mention!

Blogger Nam LaMore

LESTER T: good, now you know why i had asked the question .. it wasn't a wasted answer.

i'm thinking of bringing my french back up to a conversational level. i just need a catalyst to do it.

speak up!

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