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By Air Mail - Par AvionI got a surprise from sassy blogger LOVE HURTS yesterday. A few weeks ago, I noticed that she was mounting a fantastic campaign, "While You're Down There ...*" That certainly caught my attention; proving, indeed, that sex sells, but not sure if the message gets across as I stare at the images! After a short exchange, she mentioned that she was able to secure a few sets of the posters and would ship a set to me; I got them "par avion" yesterday. The posters will be on loan to local cafes. THANK YOU, LOVE HURTS, for the posters!

UN World Environment DayOn a related note, the United Nations has declared today "World Environment Day". The theme for this year's campaign is "One World Many People"(lacking in creativity and catchiness). As I am neither a city mayor nor a fan of Al Gore (self-proclaimed inventor-of-the-Internet junior who lost to political idiotic-savant-simpleton** George W. Bush in 2000), I did not attend the San Francisco-hosted UN World Environment Day; however, I did make it to a couple of the free film screenings yesterday.

Well, I'm off to enjoy the 29th Annual Union Street Festival.

While You're Down There, #1Union Street FestivalWhile You're Down There, #3

* ENCAMS (Environmental Campaigns) runs the over-arching "Keep Britain Tidy" campaign; the current message, "While You're Down There ...," targets litterbugging youths.
** My apologies to all the idiots, savants and simpletons. You guys deserve a better spokesperson.

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Blogger Love Hurts

Aww thanks Nam, what a lovely surprise. That post it great. I like the 'mounting a fantastic campaign', sounds so good when talking about 'while you're down there'!

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOVE HURTS: i need to THANK YOU for such a wonderful gift .. and i love 'par avion'! well, it was only appropriate to use the word 'mounting' for this post! just like your post on the mounting faucet :-)

Blogger Love Hurts

You are very welcome Nam. I bet you were so excited when you saw a parcel tube being delivered. I must admit I did get quite worried as it was posted on 25th May & I wasn't sure how long it takes to get to you. :-}

Blogger Anthony

At first read "One World Many People" just seems empty. Upon a second reading it sounds painfully obvious.

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOVE HURTS: i was thrilled when i saw the note from the postman. and it was very exciting to wait in line at the post office as they looked for the parcel. i didn't know it was coming from the UK, so my mind raced like a MOFO as i imagine my $1,000,000 check from some sweepstake that i had entered months ago!

when i saw it was a parcel from you .. i was jumping with joy .. there was much ceremony as my roommate and i carefully opened it. again, thank you!

Blogger Nam LaMore

ANTHONYPEREIRA: well, i still think it is rather uncreative. it's almost as if the U.N. had no budget to hire a top-notched marketing firm, or they just looked around the room and said, "there are so many of us here, what in the world are we doing?"

i'm not kidding .. they could have done better. i'm gonna have to write to them to get the contract for next year!

Blogger HowBizarre

This is so cool! I love both of your sites and I've met so many cool people. Now I want the posters to hang in my bedroom...lol
Wonder if they would mail them overseas? Better yet, why don't I just hop on a plane and get a set myself...I mean $500 for a set of posters seems realistic to me for my little castle, don't you think?

Blogger Knottyboy

When I was in Prague last year there was a similarly racy ad campaign where a man had pushed his pants down to his ankles and was squatting. The shot was from the side so no giblets showed [just his marvy rump], hand held out holding the leash to his dog. A parallel was being drawn with people letting their dogs crap on the streets was as bad as if they were dumping on the streets. Not subtlety there; I will say it’s bad in places around Praha [especially the parks].

Blogger Nam LaMore

HOWBIZARRE: i had a difficult time finding hi-res pictures online; if i find them, i'll email them to you so you can print them out!

KNOTTYBOY: prague? i've never been, but have seen many wonderful pictures that makes me want to pack up and move there.

oh, dog littering is so bad worldwide - and a huge public health concern. my solution: LEVY HEAVY FINES.

Blogger Love Hurts

I hope it didn't take too long to open, I certainly taped the tube well!!!!!! Sorry it didn't contain your cheque. :(

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOVE HURTS: indeed, it was very well secured. one would think you were shipping me platnium foils! you should have signed the poster with the girl - to make it seem 'porn-star authentic'!

Blogger Love Hurts

yeh, I should've signed them 'from your fellatio performer xx'

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