Time Out

The last week has been extremely busy, and I've not felt like turning on the computer 'after hours' -- hence, the lack of new entries. I hope the situation will improve within the next few days ... I hope.

In the meantime, this is a place-holder post to get y'all to start playing an online video game I used to play ... Diablo: The Lord of Destruction. The image is a composite of characters I have played ... my favorite class to play is the sorceress; other playable classes are the necromancer, palidin, assasin, druid, amazon and barbarian. Once completitng the most difficult part of the game, your character earns the title of Matriarch or Patriach; however, I play a version of the game where my character's title is Guardian. Far more interesting, and error-prone, information can be found at the unofficial site DiabloII.net.

Diablo: Lord of Destruction

Diablo is published by Blizzard Entertainment (part of Vivendi Universal Games); other popular titles from the studio include WarCraft and StarCraft. Vivendi made headlines last year when it merged with NBC to emerge as NBC Universal. As noted in the previous post, corporate naming is the most creative part of any company's function. I suspect the lawyers and marketing folks at both companies had a difficult time agreeing to a new company name, so took the easy way out and rolled a 20-sided die to come up with the name; Rock-Paper-Scissor does not work for ex-D&D gamers.

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Blogger mquest

And I just thought you had a pan-galactic-gargle-blaster at happy hour and failed to return to duty.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Hm...not into the online games, but glad you are back! And hope you are back more often! Missed ya!

Blogger Kallun

I finished Diablo II just before coming to Japan - it was exhausting, but I did it. I kept on forgetting to save, so I'd end up dying at some point and get shoved back to the beginning of the level - many, many breakable objects were thrown at the wall when that happened. I didn't get the expansion kit though - would it have been worth it?

Anonymous Anonymous

The only online game Ive played is Scrabble.

Blogger diadima

good old dnd.

the online games are pretty good. but it's ten times more fun to dm a game and lead your unsuspecting friends into destruction. yeeeah

Blogger DanTheresa

i don't play online games..but i know about some of it, including diablo, because of my nephew!

i'm glad you're back!

Blogger HowBizarre

I've missed your Blogs!!!
This is amazing! I love stuff like this...
It's so interesting. Sometimes I'd like to play...sometimes I'd like to watch. Your blog is so, so incredible! I'd pay to see it!!!

Great news! My daughter should be home on Sunday!!! Whoohooo!!!!

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

I am back from my Portugal holiday and your entry just spelled whats actually my plan. I need to TIME-OUT too, have to do many things (hint: career change) that requires the much needed attention. Focus! I probably will still blog (just going to finish my Portugal entry pics), but maybe not as frequently. Hope your extremely busy situation has already improved!

Blogger Knottyboy

I never got into FPShooters or RPG. I did have a great opportunity to beta test URU Online a couple years ago. It was to be an online communty of Myst fans from CYAN. I loved working with those guys. The community is still there but it isn't the same since they pulled the plug after spending a cool million in developement.

Blogger Nam LaMore

KALLUN: it's only worth an about three weeks of gametime -- it's fun to play online with other people; playing solo sucks -- i feel your frustration.

DIADIMA: i like the way you think .. perhaps you should run for public office one day.

THE DUTCHED PINAY: it would seem that much change is in store for the both of us. i shall be interested on how you are fairing.

KNOTTYBOY: i don't play much video games these days, but that is not by choice!

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