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As with most forms of communications, when taken out of context they can become unintentionally comical or "fresh". Some political and corporate slogans and taglines that have caught my attention through the years (these are real, most were used for global or nation-wide campaigns):
More slogans and taglines can be found here. This post was inspired partially due to PERI's current post regarding Apple-Intel deal.

* I was not joking when I mentioned a few weeks ago regarding a website that generates blog content for me.

** My contribution to my business unit at the time -- "Develop Anywhere. Deploy Everywhere" -- was short-lived because the lawyers got in the way.

*** Apple's original "Think Different" (grammatically correct: "Think Differently") campaign generated many parodies, including one that juxtaposed the original text over unlikely images (I can neither confirm nor deny my involvement in the production of this parody "Think Different" (requires QuickTime plug-in) - even if I was working for the competitor at the time).

Apple Computer's "Think Different" Parody: Spoken Text [Image Parody (actual)]
Here's to the crazy ones ... [Ted 'Unabomber' Kaczynski (Physicist Albert Einstein)]
The misfits. The rebels. [Bomber Timothy McVeigh (Musician Bob Dylan)]
The troublemakers. [Acquitted Murder-Suspect Suspect O.J. Simpson (Civil Rights Leader Martin Luther King)]
The round peg in a square hole. [Former President Ronald Reagan (Virgin Records Founder/CEO Richard Branson)]

The ones who see things differently. [Videotape Footage of Rodney King Beating (Musician John Lennon)]

They're not fond of rules [Former President Bill Clinton (Musician/Performer Yoko Ono)]
They have no respect for the status quo. [Vice President Idiot Savant Dan Quayle (Geodesic Dome Inventor Buckmister Fuller)]

You can quote them. [Erstwile Olympic Bombing Suspect Richard Jewell (Inventor Thomas Alva Edison)]
Disagree with them, [Supermodel Kathy Ireland (Boxer Muhammed Ali)]
Glorify or vilify them. [(Media Mogul Ted Turner)]

About the only thing you [Comedienne Ellen Degeneres (Operatic Soprano Maria Callas)]
Can't do is ignore them;
Because they change things [(Peace Advocate Gandhi)]
They push the human race forward. [Nazi Leader Adolf Hitler (Aviator Amelia Earhart)]

And while some may see them [Sadist Sports Announcer Alfonse D'Amato (Film Director Afred Hitchcock)]
As the crazy ones, [(Dancer Martha Graham)]
We see genius. [Radio badboy Howard Stern (Puppeteer Jim Hanson)]

Because the people who are [Heaven's Gate Leader Marshall Herff Applewhite (Architech Frank Lloyd Wright)]
Crazy enough to think
They can change the world ...

Are the ones who do. [High School Drop-out Stoners Beavis and Butt-Head (Artist Pablo Picasso)]

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Blogger Jaded Maniac

Some of the older ones bring back memories of my early childhood years...Reach out and touch someone..Where's the Beef?, etc...Now do you remember what the products looked like at the time? Such as McDonald's styrofoam burger boxes, and their white bags with yellow and brown "M" across the middle, Pepsi's white can...And you know, for the longest time, Jade would call it "Subway eat fresh" instead of just

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

"True Jersey Girl takes good care of you." Now aint that the truth???

Blogger Nam LaMore

JADEDMANIAC: i love slogans, and i know that companies pay lots to get the right one for their image, but sometimes it's a real miss with them (like the UPS one)!

TRUEJERSEYGIRL: i love the self-generating blog post! and that slogan is so true, love it!

Blogger Lester T.

"Nam LaMore inside you."??? i think i just found a new slogan for your blog. it's either that or we talk about porn again...

Anonymous Anonymous

"Nam LaMore - a safe place in an unsafe world!"

Wow, another great post by you!
Thanks for the mention.

That Apple Parody was interesting, I've never seen it.

"up up and away with Nam Lamore"

Blogger Nam LaMore

LESTER T: well, you know i support more porn, so that might need to be the new slogan!

that's just too funny .. and absurd.

PERI: i am the one to thank you for the inspiration -- i wasn't gonna post anything today, but after i re-read your post, it got me thinking about the apple 'think different' slogan .. and, so, this post came into being.

most of the time, i have no clue what i'm gonna post, but along my blog reading route, a seed germinates and becomes my blog entry in a very short time -- you've probably noticed that process.

Blogger DanTheresa

what about the new carls jr.'s tagline "that's hot"? oh..and what do you think of the new paris hilton commercial? - i've been thinking of writing a post about it but decided not to. :D

Blogger Loz

Speaking of grammatically incorrect slogans - I can't remember who had it (might have been Freedom Furniture), but the slogan was:
"Think outside the square you live in."
It always drove me nuts. In turn I drove my sister nuts by always saying "Think outside the square in which you live" at the end of the ad.

Blogger Nam LaMore

DANTHERESA: for the first time in many years, i don't live with a roommate who has a TV, so pop culture trickling down via TV is a bit slow. i've heard and read much about the paris hilton-carl, jr. advert, but haven't actually seen it - so can't comment on it just yet. i'll see if i can get a special viewing in the next week or so!

i think you should blog it! it's such a perfect blogging topic!

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOZ: you are so observant -- didn't think anyone cared to read the footnote. i just add footnote for myself! and, you're such the sunday school teacher -- my gosh, don't you ever allow the conjunction junctions to just get on the wrong tracks sometimes? ;-)

Blogger *~*Michelle*~*

Great post, Nam!

Blogger Knottyboy

Knottyboy: "pull my finger" 2005
Bart Simpson: "Eat my shorts" 1990's-ish
Sandra Noffsinger [my mom] to my dad: "Don't ever touch me with that thing again" after conceiving me in 1968.

Blogger sojourning crow

Nam: my apologies, you WILL be blogrolled at my place by the end of business today. I keep meaning to and never follow through. You appreciat ethe maning of laughter. I enjoy your blog very much and want others to find it meanings as much as I do. Thanks.

Blogger Nam LaMore

MICHELLE: thanks for the kudos! it's sorta fun to have a website that generates content for me!

KNOTTYBOY: as much as i love bart, i think i'm more of a lisa kinda guy, "Mom, romance is dead. It was acquired in a hostile takeover by Hallmark and Disney, homogenized, and sold off piece by piece."

it's hard to believe that your mom actually said that .. that is, unless .. are you an only child?

Blogger Nam LaMore

SOJOURNING CROW: don't worry about it! i love hanging out on your blog, and i felt bad that i accidentally deleted you off my blog parade when i was messing with my template!

but all is now safe on the realm!

and, thank you for adding me to your blogroll -- i add tons of people to my blogroll, it's just that my blogroll is part of my toolkit, so it's not on the front page -- that's prime real estate for useless stuff like babelfish and my comic book images!

Blogger Anthony

I'm a huge fan of slogans. I particularly enjoy my workplace's slogan "The Experience Starts Here"

Blogger Nam LaMore

ANTHONYPEREIRA: i am a fan of slogans, but, of late, some of the slogans have been mis-used. i mean one of the telecom's slogans, "can you hear me now?" is so rediculous - as if they're purposely slapping you in the face as they take your money for lousy services.

"the experience starts here" -- i like that -- it's the kinda slogan that, if it was on a sign, i would try to steal for my bedroom door.

Blogger Anthony

That would be good for a bathroom door, however it would also be good for the bedroom...

Anonymous Anonymous

You'll wonder where the yellow went... when you brush your teeth with _____________.


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