Blog Suspension

Transformed after emerging from a technological fast and due to changing situations, my blogging is now suspended indefinitely/immediately. Blogging has opened doors to distant lands and many new friendships. If not already, then expect an email from me in the near future.

Feel free to email me:
MIA email
another point of view ...

Blogger Knottyboy

I'm saddened to see you go. I will miss you. I hope that what life shows you is precisely what you need to be happy and fulfilled.
Take care dear boy.
Wayne Noffsinger

Blogger Serra


Blogger Love Hurts

totally gutted, I'm gonna have to start at the very beginning of your blog in hope by time I've got to the most recent you'll be blogging again.

Anonymous Anonymous


sad, but glad for you and wish you the best!!

Blogger Lester T.

sad to hear about your blog stoppage. glad to hear about your new journey. we'll be waiting to hear about your adventures! that is, if you're even allowed to talk about them. (i swear, i get this feeling you're going undercover...)

Blogger jaja

nam i will definitely going to miss you...

will miss your daily post & comments..

hope you will enjoy, whatever your new endevour is... all the best !!

do come back soon :)

Anonymous Anonymous

Good luck with whatever and whereever!

Blogger Jaded Maniac

I'm really going to miss you..Good luck and congratulations.

Blogger DanTheresa

good luck, nam! your entries will be missed. i hope you come back soon.

Blogger gemini

NOT fair....sniff.....I was just starting to read your wonderful stuff and now it's gone. Still, I see I have months worth of archives to peruse. I fear I shall miss ye long after I have never even got to know ye.

Best to you and kudos on a fine masterpiece you have left behind.

Blogger TrueJerseyGirl

Nam, you will be missed! Let us know when and if you come back!!!

Blogger Kaperucita

Nice Blog.

Anonymous Marty

Hey, this isn't good. Stay in touch, and let me know if you start something fresh.

I've got a new, less political project you'd probably enjoy, email me... (or i'll get my act together and do the reverse).

marty (northcote knob, guernica)

Blogger sojourning crow

i didn't get an email. Nam, i know about changing situations. I will email you mine and if you're in town stop by. Hope the "Agency" is all you want it to be. Be well my friend.

Blogger Michele's Mumblings

My blog got suspended but that was because i had some things to do I haven't been so amused since Spring Break and the great wet boxer contest!

Blogger essjay

Just found your blog and it's closed :(

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