Mosquee Ennour

The main jammae (mosque) in Azrou is the Mosquee Ennour, located at the heart of the mdina (city center) .. in addition to the moque gate of the previous post, below are some images of the jammae from different angles.

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Blogger hale

Thanks for the photos.. Well composed, but for me it is a little like a quick visit to the Maghreb and sights I have not seen before!


I enjoyed that!


Blogger mquest

great pictures. these are all quality shots.

Blogger Nam LaMore

HALE: thanks so much for dropping by! so, i can't wait to hear about your connection to morocco, and any advice you can give me about community integration!

MQUEST: i thank you so much for your kind words .. i only wish i had time to have you review them before presstime!

Blogger mquest

:) it is all how you handle it. I put my pictures up on flickr and think about them for a while brfore moving some of them over to the blog.

But, these pictures all are great.

Blogger Nam LaMore

MQUEST: i've decided to stop using flickr because it's somewhat abused .. i've found my images floating on other sites/blogs and, call me a snob, have been peeved by such blatant, wanton abuse!

i'm just publishing a select few images to this blog .. the fast majority of images are saved for future scrapbooking!

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