Meet Me in Azrou!

I'm currently staying in Azrou, just two hours east of Rabat. The group is staying in Azrou for a couple of weeks to get Culture and Language Training. I guess I'm doing a pretty good job in my courses, as evidence by the kids posing for this picture. Ssalamu 'lekum!

Yes, Coca-Cola has made an in-road into Moroccan culture. Yes, that's me; however, I did not quelch my thirst with the Coke .. I'm not a big soda fan.

Every town in Morocco has a mosque, and Azrou is no exception.

One of the architectural features of Azrou is that older buildings are pitched with green, tiled roofs.

This is quickly becoming one of my favorite pictures of myself. Though it was hot as can be during the day, sleeping on the roof-deck of where we're staying, under the stars, proved to be bone-chilling cold; it was a personal choice to slumber roof-top. Redeeming value: waking up in the middle of the night to watch the Orion constellations swirling overhead.
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