Khemisset Wood and Wool

Since I have little time to post while in Khemisset (re: language/culture lessons and hanging out with the homestay family), here are some pictures to keep y'all entertained for a couple of days. I wish I could have taken pictures of my experience at the hemman (public bath)!

Khemisset is known for its zerbiya (carpets/rugs), but our group had the great opportunity to meet with the wood-carving and embroidery cooperatives (conveniently located near each other). This wood carving is part of a doorway panel leading into the embroidery cooperative .. zwin (beautiful), non?

At the zerbiya (carpets/rugs) co-op, we saw weavers masterfully worked on their looms. Rugs predominated by red, yellow and white are from the Khemisset Provice, and those of blue and white are from the Ifrane Province. Behind this tightly strung rug base are two women weaving without any drawn plans (compare this to my inability to color inside the lines).

At the wood-carving co-op, I felt like a tourist looking at all the finished products.

At the embroidery co-op, I had the chance to examine in detail the embroidery works of the women-only co-op. I'm sure I'll be shipping some dar (house) at the close of my hay-et salam (Peace Corps) experience!

On my treq (path/route) between my homestay and language/cultural lessons are these flag circles. Though not the size of crop circles, both hold the same mystery for me. I'll have to remember to ask my homestay 'a'lia (family) or teacher about these flag circles.
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Blogger diadima

so fabulous to see you posting again. i always think of you as my blog mentor, he who plucked me from obscurity and introduced me to the interactive joyland that is blogger.

cheers, my friend.

Blogger Nam LaMore

DIADIMA: wow .. i'm a mentor! how fabulous is that?!? i only wish i had more time to blog surf these days .. but, work at the salt mines is entertaining and rewarding. love the language and cultural experience.

i'll be a matter of time before i get into the groove of things .. i bet that'll be when i'm able to get on my own .. the curfew stinks right now (ask kallun about it, he's had an earful from me regarding the rediculous curfew).

i've been sleuthing on your blog, and it does seem to have grown lots .. and, oh, love the self-pics .. HOT .. what else can i say, i know how to pick 'em!

speak up!

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