When in Azrou, Part Deux

It's hard to believe, but cutting/logging of trees is illegal in Morocco .. this is clearly (clearly!) contrary to the logging trucks I see driving down the main street every day. I didn't think much of this until I looked up and saw that the electric poles were made of cement, and not the familiar wooden poles found in Anytown, U.S.A.

Since a hmar (donkey) is considered a dirty animal, it gets no respect in Morocco. If there's a need to bring up a topic about a donkey (and other topics including bathroom/WC, underwear, etc), it's polite to follow-up with "h-shak" -- it basically translate to something like "I'm sorry I must speak of this shameful topic". During our one of our five-minute, hourly breaks from language and cultural lessons, I stepped outside for some fresh air. This man, riding a hmar a-la-Angelina-Jolie-by-way-of-Lara-Croft, was kind enough to allow me to take a picture of him with the beast of burden, h-shak! lla ysehhel (may Allah help you)!

In my limited "free time" away from the hostel, I usually walk to the mdina (city center) to practice my limited vocabulary and observe cultural differences. The walk takes me 'round the mosque, where the daily prayers can be heard even from the edge of town.

Most homes use gaz (butane/profane) for cooking, heating, etc. As such, there are refilling stations everywhere .. just don't smoke while standing next to one of these stations.
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oh boy, they even use propane in the fanciest houses in Manila if you can believe it. Funny, they had a gas oven in the house I was staying in run by propane that I was too afraid to use.
We had them put in an electric one (at our expense) just to feel safer.

HUmm.......but when the power goes out, the propane is reliable, huh?

That is very interesting about the cement poles.

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