Walking Around Azrou

There is no street map for Azrou, Morocco .. street maps are available only for large/medium cities. One of the current volunteers oriented us to Azrou with his hand-drawn map; community mapping is one of the first tasks that I will be doing shortly after arriving at my assigned community site.

I love walking around Azrou's mdina (outdoor market) .. it's a good place to find everyday items, and the spice shops fill the air from morning to dusk with sweet scents.

A date seller at the mdina .. I counted at least 10 different grades of dates. He offered me samples; the higher priced dates were delicious, to the point of rivaling honey in sweetness. For just 10 dirham (that's just over US$1.00), I can get a kilo (about 2.2 pounds) of tastey dates (tr-mar).

Morocco is diverse on many levels. Just outside of this cropped image of a woman in traditional clothing is a group of women in Western-style jeans and long-sleeved shirts.

Walking around town, I take many pictures of the ornate, yet functional, doors and windows. This is a composite of four doors/windows just near my inn/hostel.
another point of view ...

Anonymous Sylvana

These patterns are fantastic! Where function and form come together.

Anonymous Anonymous

oh yum, I love dates.

Blogger mquest

that map is a little pornographic. What goes on in the city center? :)

Blogger Nam LaMore

PERI: i have not tried various qualities of dates .. the low-quality dates are just unripe and are meant to be cooked in traditional moroccan dishes .. however, i go to my first homestay family next week, and will have the opportunity to taste some real moroccan food .. the food we have been eating has been prepared by a superior cook, but in a homestay, it will be different (as the cook won't be preparing for 50 people, well, but who knows .. extended family is big here!)

MQUEST: i can't believe you would say that of this most excellent of drawing! i love his hand-drawn map! it really helped me get around, and thank goodness i took a picture of it before it was taken down .. the other trainees didn't take a picture and were somewhat lost when wondering around town!

Blogger mquest

it is a good drawing of a circle and a tower. :) I do find it sad that there are still cities in this world that do not have maps.

Blogger mquest

It is well drawn- I could never draw that well

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