When in Azrou

If you find yourself in Azrou and need to get connected to the internet .. be sure to visit La Brise and say hi to owners, Abdelfader and Nicolas.

This is a marketing ploy that got me to step inside and check out the poultries available for the day. My handbook recommends that I buy chickens and feed them for a few days prior to serving them.

The people in Morocco are very friendly, this boy (who spoke Moroccan Arabic, French and Spanish) adopted me as his "big brother" and taught me a few words.I was able to say a few words in Arabic.

Looks like the "Stop" sign is universal the world over.
another point of view ...

Blogger frankysbride

What great photos!
Glad you're back, Nam!

Blogger Dutched Pinay on Expatriation

Oh my you've gone moroccan! Great to see you blogging again, and with personalized pics!

Blogger Peri

hey, colored chicks......how did they do that?

Nice pictures!!

Blogger Nam LaMore

All: Thanks for the visit!

FRANKYSBRIDE: i really like taking pictures, and glad you enjoy them -- I take lots, but only a few are good enough for public viewing! :-)

THE DUTCHED PINAY: yes, i'm finally in morocco, and the weather is perfect here -- well, at least until the start of winter -- at which point, i'll be telling everyone of a california boy [me] trying to deal with the snow.

PERI: ask me again in a bout six months when my language skill is better. for now, i can only ask the shop-keeper, "how much does it costs?" :-)

Blogger mquest

How is the coffee?
Flickr is perfect for the shots that do not make it to the Blog. I find that I stage my pics at flicker and move them on to my blog after thinking about them.
Even If I was not a vegitarian I doubt I could feed a chicken for a few days and then kill it and eat it. I am sure the differance is all cultural based on how one grows up.
Are you going to be a map maker? You might be able to make some spare change selling maps to the "stars" homes. (or maybe not). Are you eating lots of dates? Fiber will do the body good. (or cramp the hell oput of you) I am looking forward to more pics.

Anonymous Anonymous

I lived in Azrou for 5 months.Beautiful place with such beautful people.

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