Rabat Murals

I was in Rabat this weekend, just to escape from the heat in my town. Instead of hitting the beach (as I have done most summer week-ends), I decided to just walk around the Moroccan capital taking pictures. I came upon a group of murals that were striking. Taking countless pictures, I plan to use the images for my computer's screensavers and backgrounds (as I did with the images of murals in Meknes); here are just a few of my favorites:

Mural in Rabat, Morocco Mural in Rabat, Morocco Mural in Rabat, Morocco
Mural in Rabat, Morocco Mural in Rabat, Morocco Mural in Rabat, Morocco

I was to attend the Imilchil Wedding Moussem (festival in celebration of a local saint) this last weekend with artisans from my town; however, the craft fair part of the event was cancelled and the artisans did not go. I still could have attended on my own, but decided that I could use more down-time from my vacation from the week before. I'll likely attend next year's Wedding Moussem, with or without artisans!

Superman logoON A DIFFERENT NOTE: With much anticipation, I picked up a bootleg DVD copy of Bryan Singer's Superman Returns. Well, I was disappointed; I'm surprised that Singer puts his name to this garbage; with a production price tag of US$350 to US$400 million, various sources say it might break even. SUPERMAN RETURNS SUCKS. It's worst than Halle Barry's Razzie Awarded Catwoman. Brandon Routh makes a great Man of Steel, Kevin Spacey isn't the most memorable menace as Lex Luthor (this wasn't a spoiler for anyone, I hope), but I'm voting for Singer to get a Razzie Award.
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Anonymous cindy flemming

YUP. Agree with you about Superman Returns, *it was terrible* - waste of $10.

Anonymous Mike Oshida

Interesting post, you managed to tie street art (mural) and block-buster/buster with a wedding festival. Don't think I would have the courage to do that!

Anonymous Anonymous

wow, very cool. I put the top middle one on my desktop and it looks really pretty. Hope you don't mind.

Blogger Nam LaMore

PERI: yeah, that same mural image is on my desktop background. i always like to make sure i have my camera when walking around town.

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