Homebound - the short take

Orly Airport, waiting for AirFrance Couch to CDG airportThis the last SMS text message I sent in Morocco to some friends and volunteers:

"Thank you Morocco! Boarding plane for an epic 36-hour, airport-hopping journey: Fes-Paris-New York-Los Angeles. See you out in the world! NL" - Fes airport, 18:12, 12 December, 2007

Getting out of Morocco was easy, but the security check in Paris was not easy. Because I had lived in Morocco for more than two years, there were many, DETAILED questions about my activities abroad. Unfortunately the non-American security check personnel for the American-based airline had never heard of the United States Peace Corps; I had to discuss in detail the mission and goals of the Peace Corps, my host-family, my Arabic language skill, etc.

I had been up practically all night so that I could catch the first AirFrance Coach bus from Orly airport ot Charles De Gaulle airport. In my sleep-deprived state, I managed to explain everything coherently if not slowly, and subconsciously throwing in Arabic phrases that confused the inquisitor; this only prolonged my detention with airport security.

All this was worth it to get on the plane, where it was a good feeling washed over me as the cabin crew treated like a human being.

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Nam --

Hello, I'm a correspondent for Devex (www.devex.com), a leading development networking and news site, and I'm working on a story about the Peace Corps. I'm wondering if you'd be able to chat about your experiences in Morocco sometime in the next week or so.

Please consider and let me know.


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