Discovery of "Extinct" Butterfly

Eat-Me ButterflyKnowing how much I love pop science, a friend called to discuss something he just read regarding the discovery of a specimen of Papilionoidea ediblitis, known commonly as the Eat-Me Butterfly.

[Click on image for a larger view]

Thought long to have been extinct due to its docile nature and poor flying ability when threatened, this is a significant find for entomologists worldwide. A major contributing factor to its extinction is the fact that the butterfly does not possess chemical defense common to all butterflies, thus it easily falls prey to virtually all predators.

Cindy Janders, department entomologist with the Butterfly Reclamation Program, said in a phone interview from the Amazon jungles, "This is a remarkable find. These butterflies are practically defenseless and appeal as a universal food source, making them extremely fragile."

The discovering team is still confirming the existence of a colony, but for now the location of this single specimen remains undisclosed. According to the field scientist Edward Schiller, "We have high hopes of finding a thriving colony of Eat-Me Butterflies." The hopeful Schiller added, "Collectors worldwide are counting on us."

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Anonymous Anonymous

omg - this is freakin' funny. i thought it was for real when i first read it, then it hit me when i clicked to get the larger image. - tw

Blogger Louise

The Eat-me butterfly, as rare and as beautiful as the infamous Sandwich Monkey

Anonymous Anonymous

I used to collect butterflies when I was a kid, and I definately would have been on the look-out for this beauty!
- Victoria

Anonymous Anonymous

i LOVE this. it's very entertaining; my daughter really enjoyed it, she thought it was real at first.

- Joanne Walker

Anonymous Anonymous

Where is my ether jar?

Anonymous Anonymous

Nice try.

Blogger True Jersey Girl

Thanks for visiting my blog - I *wish* my life was like Sex & the City!

Cute post, too!

Anonymous Anonymous

HA!!! That's really good. I'm going to have to forward this to my mom. Mad props to you, great gag!!

Anonymous Anonymous

love what's been done on your site since i first visited when there was only a couple of things.

good job!

Anonymous Anonymous

Just curious, what was last year's joke?

Blogger Nam LaMore

LOUISE NILON: Thank you for visitng the blog, do come back!. The really weird thing is, there might not be a sandwich monkey, but there is a smoking chimpanzee. I almost thought it was a joke the first time I read it.

DREW: Last year's April Fool's joke: mock-up of MasterCard's "Priceless" campagin .. of my living in the Bay Area. If I find a copy, I'll have to post it.

KISSONTHEMOUTH: Yes, I actually do like butterflies, so this joke is close to me. As a kid, I did have ether jars, and collected so many butterflies I'm sure "Silence of the Lamb" is partially based on my childhood!

Blogger Jo Travels

Haha, you had me going there until i clicked the foto to see a larger view and saw, "FOOD"!

Blogger Nam LaMore

ah .. i am graced by the visit of the dutched pinay .. now, my virtual world is nearly complete! good, good .. the masterplan is playing itself out perfectly, just as when i set into motion the eternal struggle of life and death under the african sky between predator and prey.

Anonymous Shyn metode de facut bani pe net

Yeap the butterfly is always beautiful.

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